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December 8, 2009

Alinsky Rule Number 5

I read Saul Alinsky during my first year in college.   His Rules for Radicals is required reading at any self-respecting liberal arts college campus.  In Rules, you learn the basic machiavellian strategies every good Leftist agitator uses to achieve power.  I was only 17 at the time, so you know the Left is getting them young.  The book lists 13 basic rules.  This one’s their favorite:


Ridicule and Mockery.  They are very good at it.  They use it often and liberally, and there is no defense against it.  You can mitigate the damage by laughing along and joining in on the joke.  But it’s tough.  You’ve got to be quick on your feet and develop the hide of a rhino.  But the damage is done.  Whenever they throw a pie at a conservative speaker on campus? Think Alinsky.  The speaker dodging the pie looks like a fool, and twice as foolish if he gets mad.  While the pie thrower is just a prankster, and a hero.  And nobody’s listening to the speaker anymore because they’re thinking about the pie!  Crafty Libs.  Alinsky rule #5 is par for the course for welcoming conservatives speakers to college campuses.  Just google ‘pie’ ‘conservative’ ‘speaker’.

Rule #5 works with tomatoes too:

A man was arrested for allegedly throwing two tomatoes at Sarah Palin from the second floor balcony during a book signing event at the Mall of America in Minnesota, reported.

Conservatives have to learn these rules.  They are the rules of insurgency.  This is not an escalation, we are merely leveling the field.  More on applying Alinsky’s rules to the new conservative insurgency later.

p.s.,  the guy actually dedicated his rules to Satan! I kid you not.  That, my gentle readers, is a tiny glimpse into the mind of our foe.  A tiny glimpse–yet books could be written about what it reveals.


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  5. Anyone who loves Obama is as much of an idiot as he is. His head is filled with dirty air. He is nothing but an “Empty Suit” hell bent on destroying the best country in the world.

    Comment by Sooner1944 — February 12, 2010 @ 10:50

  6. Why are we expecting him to do anything/something? He was a DO NOTHING seator for 4 years and now he’s been a DO NOTHING president for one year and counting.

    Oh, He has let the world know he thinks America is a “bad” country, apologizing all over the place.

    Comment by Anna — February 12, 2010 @ 11:15

  7. He was a DO NOTHING seator ( OOPS it is senator, I know how to spell, but not to hot a typist LOL) for 4 years

    Comment by Anna — February 12, 2010 @ 11:17

  8. There’s nothing wriong with your typing, Anna. Mybe a bit of a fruedian slip, though. He was/is a do nothing sitter. Filling the seat, that’s all. Not entirely a bad thing, however. All he ever voted for was the progressive agenda. Otherwise he voted ‘Present.’ Now he’s getting hot under the collar because his progressive agenda isn’t being approved. I say “HOORAY!” Vote the bums out.

    Comment by PC Bob — February 16, 2010 @ 12:37

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