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December 28, 2009

Where Did All the Protestors Go?

The war in Iraq rolls on, and is escalating in Afghanistan.  And I’ve been wondering for quite some time now, where the heck did all the anti-war protestors go?  It seems we’ve found them.  Or at least one of them.


Looking back at the aughts, who can forget indelible images of a war and a president that should never have been, and the makeshift camp set up outside President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch at Crawford Texas that challenged them both.

Energizer Bunny war protester Cindy Sheehan, who last year ran for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional seat, plans to set up a new anti-war camp near the Washington Monument to protest ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She then rode a wave of fame to become the country’s most prominent war protester. In 2008 Sheehan campaigned to unseat Nancy Pelosi. The House of Representatives Speaker had not moved to impeach President Bush, Sheehan said.

Now she’s announced she will establish a Washington D.C. based tent village like the one she built at Crawford.

Angered by President Barack Obama’s war-justifying Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Sheehan said she will re-establish Camp Casey near the Washington Monument, setting up tents, and demanding that her anti-war message be heard.

“At first I believed that the Republicans were the war party, but it became increasingly clear to me that it doesn’t matter what party a president is — the policies of war continue on,” Sheehan told the Fort Worth Star Telegram, for a Dec. 20 story. “He should devise a plan for troop withdrawal that is as speedy as safely possible and combine economic growth and democracy building in our occupied countries with a speedy withdrawal. No occupations will save billions of dollars a month and maybe our economy could start to improve, too.”

She’s back. But I guess after President Obama’s churchillian acceptance speech in Oslo, you can hardly blame her.  Just as I had begun to suspect there wasn’t an honest war protestor left on this earth, my faith in humanity fading fast, along comes Cindy Sheehan to turn President Obama’s life into a living hell.  Faith restored.  Flashbacks of Crawford, TX, gentle readers?  Not likely.

Cindy Sheehan is a master of the image creation game.  She’s a natural.  Remember these?

A picture of grief


But staging reality takes two to tango.  It requires a willing participant in the mainstream media.  A partnership if you will.  Are we going to see the MSM renew their relationship with Sheehan now that her target is President Obama, instead of Bush?  I wouldn’t bet on it.  Recall how the Democrats dropped Cindy Sheehan like a stone when she turned on Hillary.  Or to be more precise, Sheehan dropped the Dems; which is when the media decided she wasn’t a story anymore.  Her services were no longer required.  Contract revoked.  She lost her L.A. privileges.  I expect after a brief mention just for the sake of appearances, perhaps by NPR, Cindy Sheehan’s new “Camp Casey” on the Potomac will be tossed down the memory hole along with all the other inconvenient stories the MSM doesn’t feel inclined to push.  So I think Obama will be just fine.  And at least for the sake of the war, CCHQ is ok with that.


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