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January 3, 2010

Indoctrinate U

We all know how Liberal the media and entertainment industry tends to be.  You see it every day and you’ve essentially resigned yourself to it.  You switched to Fox or watch the Food Channel to avoid it.  But that brand of Liberalism is milk and cookies, mere fashion, just flavor of the month compared to the cutting edge culture destruction of the Academy.  As you will get a taste of below, the real meat is coming from our modern colleges and universities.

Once the marketplace of ideas, now a social engineering project, modern academia has become the incubator of the stealth revolution of cultural marxism.  It is the cutting edge that drags the entire movement along.  And they are getting them young, right out of high school; kids yet without an original thought of their own.  They are essentially raising your kids, and their inculcation can take decades to undo.  And yes, there’s a certain stealthiness about it.  Just watch how afraid they are of the cameras.  If you’ve ever seen Michael Moore’s Roger & Me, it’s like that, but with pointy heads instead of tycoons, with a dash of that coffee-drinking supervisor from Office Space.  Highly entertaining, as well as informative!

Shelby Steele’s Faustian bargain on full display here as white Liberals groom young minorities in the culture of the aggrieved so that they can take moral responsibility, and then the credit, for rescuing them.  And to protect these aggrieved minority students from all the other racist whites on campus, they engage in racial segregation– segregated orientation, segregated housing, and ethnic and cultural “centers” where everybody self-segregates.  Where even the term “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are too “gender-specific” and therefore offensive.  All in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, of course, which they use as a weapon in their long walk through our institutions and judeochristian culture.

Here you will see black professors and authors chafing under the sacred cows and politically correct groupthink of the Academy’s far Left plantation.   Groupthink that uses “hate speech”, “racism”, selective application of speech codes, lawsuits, righteous anger, and even violence to suppress alternative views without having to refute on the merits a single solitary argument being offered. Behold the hallowed grounds of the academy, that erstwhile “marketplace of free ideas” where the 1st Amendment doesn’t exist.

It starts out rather unremarkably with testimonials at the student level.  But hang in there.  Once the actual university intelligentsia start self-revealing is when the real freakshow begins.  That’s when it gets good, gentle readers.  So without any further ado–where diversity means skin color, not ideas; where porn is in, and Passion of the Christ is out–I give you Indoctrinate U:

Thanks: KitmanTV


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