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January 4, 2010

NPR Insults You on Your Dime

Isn’t it curious the way openly Liberal and even far Left organizations like NPR, ACORN, and the ACLU have managed to worm their way into the public trough for a piece of your tax dollars?  You are forced to fund them!  Unlike rightwing talk radio, the NRA, and the ACLJ which subsist purely on your voluntary donations or ad money.  These, gentle readers, are the fruits of the Left’s statist labors, as well as 44 years of Democrat control of both houses of Congress in the post-war era, versus the Republican’s 12.  And after worming their way into your pocket, what does NPR do with your own money?  Why, they insult you!


That ain’t right.  And as usual, so much of the poison that comes from the Left is pure projection and/or inverted reality. I mean like it’s the Tea Partyers who are the ones calling people “Nazis”?  Really?  Hasn’t that been a Leftwing staple since Vietnam?  And doesn’t the vitriol from the Tea Partyers pale next to the vile crap we’ve endured from the counter culture since the 60s?  Absolutely jawdropping lack of self-awareness by these people.


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  1. […] not entirely unfair here; and he actually calls them “tea party” instead of the usual epithet they use.  Kudos.  But yes, people out of power–unable to set the agenda–are […]

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