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January 7, 2010

Film As Cultural Suicide

What this guy says.  I like my aliens evil, that way it’s fun when they die.


Gee whiz! I grew up believing that Earth would be taken over by a Blob, or an “Invasion of Bodysnatchers,” or a “Brother from Another Planet!” Now, according to Cameron we, you and I, are the space menace! We’re the Romulans! Since when did the United States of America become a member of the Sci-Fi Axis of Evil? Where are Captian Kirk, Spock, and Bones?

Can anyone explain why Cameron and the Hollywood Industrial Complex is hell bent on characterizing our great nation as the embodiment of evil? Could it be that ticket sales overseas in general and in Muslim-tottering regions of the world grow in direct proportion to the level of self-flagellating anti-Americanism in American films?

As a matter of fact, if I were a radical Iman with a Mosque in London, Paris, Hampsterdam, or any of the other capitals of the future Eurabia where political correctness trumps national security, I would screen “Avatar” in my Mosque’s main sanctuary every night with matinees daily during Ramadan.

What was that?  The world hates us, you say?  It’s hard to imagine why.

America isn’t resented because of George W. Bush.  Anti-Americanism goes back to the 1950’s when the term “ugly American” was popularized.   But whatever the causes, Hollywood isn’t helping.  It doesn’t matter what you believe about Hollywood movies.  You know that’s not you–America–up on that screen, anymore than a picture of animals at the zoo represents Africa.  And knowing that’s how these out of touch cultural elites see you–as animals at a zoo–does take away much of the enjoyment out of watching their movies, even though you’re still willing to show up and pay your $8.  Because you’re bigger than them.  That’s just life in a pluralistic society, people have opinions, and you move on.  The problem is, most of the world out there DOES think that’s you up on that screen, and it fuels their hatred for you.  They don’t know any better, because that’s all they know about you.

When the muslim world views us as morally debauched, for example, where are they getting those images from?  Is the lowest vermin Hollywood can paint using America as a canvas representative of who you are as regular Americans?  Or rather of the debauched Hollywood Lib who made the movie.  I think far more the latter than the former.  Does Hollywood depict you in their movies as you go to church on Sundays with your families, trying to be better people and raise up the next generation?  Does Hollywood depict you volunteering your time at the local PTA, soup kitchen or animal shelter?  Only rarely.  Why not?  They could make just as much money doing that, or more, but they don’t.  Does Hollywood ever, and I mean EVER depict your government doing something positive around the world?  It’s been a while.   Why not?  Don’t they want your money?  I’d always hoped Obama’s victory would be somewhat of a silver lining in that respect; Hollywood might take a break from the bashing at least for his term, and Liberals would learn to love America again, and feel American again.  They really needed a victory in ’08 for that.  And I still hope that happens.

The fact is, if the world hates us, gentle readers, there are few people more to blame for this than the very debauched Hollywood Liberals that decry how much the world hates us!  It doesn’t matter what you think about Avatar and all those movies you know have an agenda.  It’s what the world thinks about them;  and they think they are seeing America as it really is up on that screen.  They think that’s the real America, instead of Hollywood’s debauched projection of themselves onto you.  This is what’s so disturbing about these silly do-gooder Hollyweird Libs with so much power in their hands.  They have no idea how much damage they are doing to this country overseas with their culturally depraved imagery, not to mention their gobsmackingly stupid message movies which sell anti-Americanism as a type of shallow secular morality that requires nothing of these new moralists personally, but both of which only make America look like it deserves everything jihad is dishing out, and more.  And if you point this out, America, there is something wrong with YOU.  You are “whining”, or it’s a sign that their shallow moralizing has “touched a nerve”, etc., and it only reinforces the cultural elite’s self-importance, and their view that you are little better than animals in a big flyover zoo.

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