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January 10, 2010

Prominent Irish MP Caught Up in Sex Scandal

Fallen: Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson.

This is a big story in the UK right now.  Most Americans have never heard of Iris Robinson.  She is a N. Ireland member of Parliament, and the wife of the First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson.  She is despised by the European Left as a vocal and unapologetic opponent of the homosexual agenda.  Tragically, she’s recently been caught up in a tawdry and cringe-inducing sex scandal with a man half her age, and is now being labeled a “hypocrite” by the secular progressives of the far Left.  So Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.  Jesus loves you more than you will know.

The 60-year-old wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister was yesterday forced to resign over the scandal surrounding her affair with a teenage boy. Iris Robinson was dumped by the Democratic Unionist Party following revelations that she had secured £50,000 from developers to help her 19-year-old lover, Kirk McCambley, launch a Belfast cafe.

She will stand down as a Westminster MP and member of the Northern Ireland Assembly within days. Pressure has mounted on her husband, Peter, to explain his involvement in the financial dealings, after claims that he did not tell authorities his wife had failed to register the money.

Mrs Robinson announced just after Christmas she was quitting politics because of severe depression. But the Robinsons had since been plunged into controversy after it emerged Iris had secured £50,000 from two wealthy developers to help her 19-year-old toyboy set up a restaurant business in south Belfast, the constituency where she sits.


The secular progressives are going nuts about this one!  No surprise there, as they always sieze upon incidents like these to discredit those on the Right in an attempt to prove…what, exactly?  I don’t honestly know, as such incidents prove nothing whatsoever except for the fact that all men and women fall short of God’s glory.  We’re all fallen and imperfect beings.  But to the illogical, disingenuous, and gobsmackingly ignorant secular progressives of the Left, this proves our “hypocrisy.”  Nothing could be further from the truth, gentle readers.

It would be very tempting to sweep this tragic affair under the rug in the hope that it would go away.  But CCHQ doesn’t believe in sweeping seemingly inconvenient facts under the rug, as doing so would only suggest the weakness of our own conservative cause.  And because there are no inconvenient facts at CCHQ, and no weakness in our worldview or cause, let us address this one head on, shall we?  When you can deal forthrightly with the worst they can throw at you–without turning a blind eye to it–then you know your thinking is on the right track.

The secular progressives of the Left want us to believe that scandals like this prove we conservatives–fallen human beings that we are–must be “hypocrites”.  And by discrediting you as a “hypocrite” they hope to discredit your beliefs.  They also hope to shut you up.   The secular progressives reason that if you can be exposed as imperfect or a “hypocrite”, you will be intimidated into silence.  But such incidents don’t discredit your beliefs, they only affirm them.  Yes, they affirm that all human beings fall short of God’s glory, and that all require redemption through Jesus Christ.  Your values aren’t discredited by your personal failings because your values come from above, and He never fails.

A hypocrite is one who has one standard for himself, and quite a different one for others.  The fact that you may have fallen short of your standard doesn’t indicate your hypocrisy, but your fallenness.  These two–hypocrisy and fallenness–are two very distinct animals.  The two should not be confused.  The natural reaction of someone who stumbles and falls short of their moral standard can be either to conceal their sin, or show remorse or shame and beg forgiveness.  Iris Robinson in fact did all of the above.  First concealing, then attempting suicide out of remorse and/or shame.  All of these reactions actually prove the sinner in question is not a hypocrite, as a real hypocrite would be open and unapologetic about her double-standard.  She would say, I may sin, but you may not.  That’s a hypocrite.  But this isn’t what happens when a traditionalist (here Mrs. Robinson) falls short of his/her standard, now is it?  On the contrary, they show contrition and do their penance.  This is the only definition of “hypocrite” that works, otherwise humanity could not have standards of any kind–whether they be moral, ethical, legal, etc., because even the most perfect of us will eventually fall short of the standard sometime in our lifetime.  Clear as mud, gentle readers?

To the secular progressive Left, however, who have been nurtured and sustained since childhood solely on the rump morality of politically correct “isms”, this is an extremely difficult concept to grasp.  That’s why you are a “hypocrite” simply because you fell short of your standard.  Because they don’t want standards.  Or certainly not standards that they themselves haven’t created to further their Leftist utopia on Earth.  They of course, also fall short of their own standards (see Al Gore’s carbon footprint), but because the secular values that the Left promotes isn’t “morality”, they can’t be called hypocrites.  See how convenient are the rules they’ve written for this game?  So not only are they gobsmackingly ignorant and illogical, gentle readers, but disingenuous to the core.  Don’t let them shut you up.

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  1. Cougar attacks are real.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 12, 2010 @ 09:40

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