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January 11, 2010

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

The global warmists claim the Earth is getting hotter.  But you’re freezing your tail off.  So who you gonna believe?


The bitter winter afflicting much of the Northern Hemisphere is only the start of a global trend towards cooler weather that is likely to last for 20 or 30 years, say some of the world’s most eminent climate scientists.

Their predictions – based on an analysis of natural cycles in water temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans – challenge some of the global warming orthodoxy’s most deeply cherished beliefs, such as the claim that the North Pole will be free of ice in
summer by 2013.

According to the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007 – and even the most committed global warming activists do not dispute this.

The scientists’ predictions also undermine the standard climate computer models, which assert that the warming of the Earth since 1900 has been driven solely by man-made greenhouse gas emissions and will continue as long as carbon dioxide levels rise.

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  1. Global warming is a farce. The biggest hoax is the history of mankind. Ranks with the WORLD IS FLAT and the scientists at the time all agreed. It took an uneducated sailor to prove the scientists wrong. All they had to do was ask the nearest farmer.

    For those of you who frequent the Jawa Report hillbilly hater seems to be besting the best of the sheepole.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 11, 2010 @ 13:30

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