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January 12, 2010

Who Gets to Play the Race Card, and When

I mispoke earlier, gentle readers. Previously I have said the race card is played only for the purpose of destroying the Right.  I was wrong.


Geraldine Ferraro:  If Obama was a white man he would not be in this position, and if he was a woman he would not be in this position.

Now watch how the Dems reacted to Ferraro’s comments then, compared to Harry Reid’s today.  Then ask yourself why.  I don’t know, perhaps this is where that famous Liberal “nuance” comes in.

Harry Reid’s comment wasn’t racist.  Neither was Geraldine Ferraro’s.  Or they both were.  But today race is merely a bludgeon to be used whenever its convenient.  It’s no longer an instrument of justice, but a weapon of coercion and intimidation.  If that were the only reason I never voted Democrat again for the rest of my life, that reason would be good enough.


  1. There is no better example of the duality of social life that exists in society than in the conflict of the African American. While American society prided itself on the order theory of society, conflict arose when the African American community began to organize itself and reclaim the civil rights that had been taken away in 1895. Conflict in the sense that societies institutions have evolved resistant to change because change is uncertain. The conflict theory of society posits change as constantly in flux compared to the order theory of society which premis is tha change must be an orderlty process. Social mores are good examplles of the divisions that wexist iun society that lead to societal constraints. The order theorists would dsuggest that barriers in society serve a pyurpose toward efficient operation of the functions within society. The conflict theorist s believe that change is a constant and is endemic to all societies. The result is sycretism which exists to manifest change in society.

    The synthesis of the divisions which exists in society result in segmentation which leads to stratification of society. For example, the specialization of labor results in further segmentation according to the size of a population in that it structures categories of people. Another division that exists in society is that of race. Race is a quintessentioal aspect of the cdivision tha have come to haollmark society. The sybtgesis approach to the order and conflict theories of society seeks to amalgamat e the various constituenceis into a synergistic whole. Interdependence is achieved with the realization the no one group is entirlely self sufficient. The conflict model manintains that change is an ubiquitous process which is the basis for the belief that conflict is endemic to all organizations.

    In the world of order theorists the course with the segregationists began the segmentation of re gentrification.

    The decision to make a moderately calibrated rate of change can only aggregate the situation of the process of syncretism. Conflict is manifested as a blockage in the demirge and chaos ensues.

    To not act upon the inclination to the concept of equality…the polarization of public opinion would be self evident…stagnated and homogenized.

    Comment by frodo441 — January 13, 2010 @ 19:48

  2. Frodo441: Did you really write the above? Wow!

    Comment by greyrooster — January 13, 2010 @ 21:50

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