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January 13, 2010

Barack Obama: Chicken Hawk

Cindy Sheehan: those aren't happy tears.

If there was such a thing as a Nobel War Prize, CCHQ would nominate Barack Obama.  You got to wonder what his base is going to think about this.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion to fight unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, on top of a record request for $708 billion for the Defense Department next year, The Associated Press has learned. 

The administration is also plans to tell Congress next month that its central military objectives for the next four years will include winning the current wars while preventing new ones and that its core missions will include both counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations.

The extra $33 billion in 2010 would mostly go toward the expansion of the war in Afghanistan. Obama ordered an extra 30,000 troops for that war as part of an overhaul of the war strategy late last year.

The request for that additional funding will be sent to Congress at the same time as the record spending request for next year, making war funding an especially difficult pill for some of Obama’s Democratic allies.

U.S. officials outlined the coming requests on condition of anonymity because the budget request will not be sent to Congress until later this month.

Article, here.

What can I say, Barry’s a warmonger!  It is, after all, what Barack Obama promised to do–win the war in Afghanistan.  But his deranged base thought he was just kidding in order to capture some flyover votes.  Who can blame them, so did we!  You got to hand it to Barry, he’s no Dennis Kucinich.


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  1. Best way to stop future wars is to win BIG in the ones you are presently involved with.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 13, 2010 @ 21:46

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