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January 14, 2010


Denzel Washington as Eli

If what this review says is true then I’m especially psyched to see this!  Denzel Washinton, who plays the lead in Book of Eli, is a devout and deeply committed christian.  This is just the kind of project he’d be involved with.  And it’s just the kind of project you, gentle readers, want to support with your hard earned dollars.  No illegal downloads for you!


Hollywood’s Christian blockbuster is finally here. Remember how, after “The Passion of the Christ,” Hollywood was going to get wise and make some big mainstream movies that acknowledged the Christianity of a majority of this country? Didn’t happen. Until now. “The Book of Eli” is not only a well-done action picture but an overtly, unabashedly Christian one in which Denzel Washington plays a soldier of God. He’s on a divinely-inspired quest — yes, a literal mission from God — to take The Book to the West as a swarm of wrongdoers led by Gary Oldman try to stop him.

They come back with whatever books they can scrounge up — including, hilariously, a copy of “The Da Vinci Code” (the movie is landing a little jab on the Dan Brown book’s message) but not The Book.
Because the only copy left of the Bible is the one Denzel is determined to carry to the West, having heard the voice of God commanding him to do so. Moreover, the Walker seems to be divinely protected: In a shootout, every bullet seems to whiz past him. Even the heavy villains have started to notice the aura of untouchability about him, and they find it unnerving.

The Oldman character wants The Book because he’s convinced its words will enable him to control the world, not just the dirtbag town he oversees. But the Walker is the Christ standin determined to redeem mankind with the Bible.

The movie is ingeniously designed, the action set pieces are well-executed and it has wit (who would have guessed what the last 45 rpm record in the world might be?). It’s also got guns galore. It’s like “The Road Warrior” as rewritten by St. Peter Paul. (But note: It also has a fond shout-out to Islam and Judaism). It’s going to do heavenly business at the box office.

Article, here.

Sounds like a good movie based on this review.  Not your standard christianist fare a la “Left Behind” by any stretch of the imagination!  Which is a good thing.  A really good thing.  The movie opens this Friday, and we want to reward these guys for making the kinds of movies us rightwing christianists want to see.  Just watching all those secular progressives as their heads pop when they find out Eli’s book is  OMGZ!!!! THE BIBLE!!1!1 is more than worth the price of admission!  So shhhh!  Don’t tell any secular progressives about this review!  We want Eli to sneak up on them, the way they try to sneak all their leftwing claptrap on us.


  1. Here’s another review by a guy who runs the film and visual culture department over at Pepperdine:

    Comment by paleocon — January 14, 2010 @ 08:59

  2. That’s a fantastic review. It’s almost makes a brother want to cry. Thanks.

    Comment by Jesusland — January 14, 2010 @ 09:07

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