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January 14, 2010

Poll: Presbyterians Throwing in the Towel Too

Even our pastors and church leaders no longer believe.  Is this really a surprise?  The more Liberal the church, the less they believe in their own religious tenets.  And few get more Liberal than the PCUSA.  Signs of a dying church below, taking Christendom down with it.


According to the report entitled “Religious and Demographic Profile of Presbyterians,” nearly half of PCUSA pastors (45 percent) and a majority of “specialized clergy” (60 percent) surveyed disagree that “only followers of Jesus Christ can be saved.”

Approximately 1 in 5 in both categories answered “neutral” or “not sure,” making the totals that do not “agree” with the statement as 65 percent for pastors and 78 percent for specialized clergy.

More than half of “members” and “elders” surveyed answered similarly. Approximately 1 in 3 members (36 percent) and elders (31 percent) either disagree or strongly disagree that “only followers of Jesus can be saved.” In both categories, approximately 1 in 5 is “neutral” or “not sure.”

Those who “strongly agree” or “agree” with the statement, according to the survey, are: 39 percent of members; 45 percent of elders; 35 percent of pastors and 22 percent of specialized clergy.

The report defines “specialized clergy” as ministers serving full-time in a school or seminary, as a hospital or military chaplain, as PCUSA middle governing body staff, in an ecumenical agency or any other job or position. The category also includes part-time and temporary ministries.

Article, here.

Somebody please put this church out of its misery.  A church where even the pastors no longer believe.  That explains how they are so easily rolled by the cultural marxists.  They are utterly defenseless.  Not just a mere poll here regarding one denomination, mind you, but a sign of far larger goings on.  The mainline churches in the West have all but lost the will to survive, so culturally and spiritually demoralized by the cultural marxist ideas they have adopted in the name of “scholarship” and “ecumenism.”  Why then should we, those who sit in the pews, believe the bull when our own pastors don’t?  Why should we even bother showing up anymore?  What does a church which no longer believes have to offer us that we can’t find for ouselves in secular Liberalism, or on Oprah?  Why shouldn’t the people walk away from this in droves?  With tears in my eyes, they have failed us because they have chosen to adapt to the world rather than confront it.  Instead of resisting, they have compromised.  Now they have nothing to offer we can’t find elsewhere.  Where has our faith gone?  We are a collapsing civilization, going the way of ancient Greece and Rome and the dodo bird.  The West has lost faith in itself, its institutions, its values, its culture.  This is what it looks like when it loses faith in its religion.


  1. No comment. Laughter is the background.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 14, 2010 @ 16:40

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