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January 16, 2010

Ex-Liberal on “Modern Liberalism”

Evan Sayet, life-long Liberal, now turned to the Dark Side spills, the beans on what he calls “modern Liberalism.” This isn’t a rant by some rightwing lunatic.  As a former writer for Bill Maher, he’s been on inside and up close with the folks he’s talking about.  He is an apostate of epic proportions.   He knows too many good and smart Liberals to believe that Liberalism is evil or stupid.  So where do they go wrong?  That’s the question he asks and answers.  Fear of “discriminating” drives everything a Liberal does and believes, and the lunacy inevitably follows.  But he goes even further and tells you why the Left is so deathly afraid of being caught “discriminating.”  You may not have ever considered this, but when you hear it, all will makes sense to you.   Catch this one, gentle readers, it won’t dissapoint.  For you Libturds out there who aren’t yet beyond salvage, this is ESPECIALLY for you.  Watch the whole thing.



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