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January 21, 2010

Gay Nation: The Hollywood Blacklist

Ron Dellums (D), homophobe hunter

Traditional values is the new communism in Hollywood.  Whereas in the 50s you might pay a price in Hollywood for supporting Soviet communism, today you’ll pay a price for supporting traditional marriage and values.  And this blacklist, unlike the Hollywood blacklist of the 50s, has the full weight of secular progressive government behind it.


A $26,000 contribution to the initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California appears to have cost a 96-year-old former Mormon temple president his seat on the board that oversees Oakland’s historic Paramount Theatre.

Amid rising criticism from the gay community, Mayor Ron Dellums said Tuesday that he was putting on hold the reappointment of Lorenzo Hoopes, most likely signaling an end to Hoopes’ 30-plus years on the Paramount board.

Even if Dellums had gone forward with Hoopes’ renomination, there was little chance the City Council would have approved it, council President Jane Brunner said.

“A lot of us don’t think that he represents our thinking in Oakland,” Brunner said.

Mormon church members contributed an estimated $20 million to the Proposition 8 campaign. Hoopes, who supports civil unions for gays but not marriage, said his support for the 2008 initiative – and the contribution he made – was a personal matter.

More stalinism lite, here.

Everything about modern Liberalism is stalinist, only without the guns.  It broaches no defiance.  They have turned your support of traditional values into the equivalent of supporting an enemy power, as many of those blacklisted in 50s actually did do.  And now you know why the Gay Mafia wants private donations made a matter of public record– to intimidate you into inaction, in the same way PC speech codes are meant to silence you.

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