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January 22, 2010

Hollywood: White Conservatives ‘More Terrifying’ Than ‘Any Jihadist’

Hollywood director and all around moron, Joe Carnahan

These quick peeks into the Leftard mind say it all, gentle readers.  While radical Islam is our sworn enemy, Leftist below reveals who they really fear.

As always, the fact that the fawning interviewer hardly appears to blink at this comment — much less follow up on it — is just as revealing as the comment itself: [emphasis mine]

Cinematical: How did you first conceive of the story?

Joe Carnahan: [SPOILER ALERT] Tom Berenger’s character is very much a right-wing conservative white male, and that’s where it started for P.J. and I. I told my own father, who’s politically-minded in that same way, “Dad, you’re the most dangerous thing on the political landscape because you’re a sixty-year-old white conservative,” and that’s more terrifying than any jihadist. But if you took one of these guys, and you gave them the strength of their convictions to become a jihadist… that, to me, was fun. That was Smokin’ Aces territory. P.J. and I gelled behind that very quickly. [END SPOILERS]

And after that outrageous statement, what’s the follow-up question from our crack team at Cinematical?

You used to have a great blog. What happened to

Full story, here.

Do you think he’d still say that if he actually fell into the hands of those jihadists?  lol.  But it explains a lot though, doesn’t it, gentle readers?  When I was a kid I once got into a fight, and a couple of kids decided they were going to break it up.  But I was the only one they were holding back.  I think their intentions were good, but as you can guess, it didn’t go very well for me.  Attitudes of those on the Left explains why it so often feels like we’re fighting radical Islam with one arm tied behind our back, in this case tied by our very own Leftwing 5th column who are so blinded by their hatred of all things “the Right”.  The West does not have a future as long as these crazy white Liberals are more afraid of you than they are of radical Islam.

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  1. Liberal will soon be a dirty word. Obama will say so.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 22, 2010 @ 23:59

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