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January 25, 2010

Miranda Rights For Terrorists

Not too long ago under President Bush when the bleeding hearts were pushing constitutional rights for terrorists at Gitmo, rightwingers would retort mockingly that Libs wanted to mirandize terrorists on the battlefied.  It was meant as a joke, of course, but they should have noticed the Libs weren’t laughing.  The Christmas day crotchbomber was questioned for less than an hour by a customs official and an FBI agent, read his miranda rights, and then given a lawyer.  He clammed up tighter than a hostile witness in a Godfather movie.  There hasn’t been a peep out of him since.  Where was the CIA?  Nowhere to be found.  Welcome to the War on Man-caused Disasters.

Thanks: Jawa


The White House is not disputing a report that FBI agents questioned accused Northwest Airlines bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for just 50 minutes before deciding to grant him the right to remain silent and provide him with a court-appointed lawyer — a decision that led Abdulmutallab to stop talking and provide no more information.

The news came in an Associated Press reconstruction of Abdulmutallab’s first hours in custody. The AP reported that Abdulmutallab “repeatedly made incriminating statements” to U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who originally took him into custody. Then Abdulmutallab made more statements to doctors who were treating him for burns and other injuries. Only later did FBI agents interview him — a session that lasted, according to the Associated Press, for “about 50 minutes.” Before beginning the questioning, the AP continues, “the FBI agents decided not to give him his Miranda warnings informing him of his right to remain silent” — apparently relying on an exception to Miranda that allows questioning about imminent threats.

After that, Abdulmutallab went into surgery. It was four hours before he was available for more questioning. By that time, the Justice Department in Washington had intervened. A new set of agents read Abdulmutallab the Miranda warning, telling him he had the right to remain silentand thereafter, Abdulmutallab remained silent.


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  1. […] for less than an hour by an FBI agent, mirandized, then lawyered up.  He subsequently clammed up faster than you can say “constitutional rights for terrorists.“  Not only has Obama been giving terrorists the benefit of civilian trials, […]

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