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January 28, 2010

MSNBC: James O’Keefe is “Watergate Jr.”, ACORN Pure as Driven Snow

Andrew Breitbart Takes On MSNBC Over O’Keefe Scandal

Shuster: Andrew, how much did James O’Keefe make as a salary of yours, and if he is convicted, and if he does plead guilty will he no longer be one of your employees and no longer get money from you?

Breitbart: How much money does MSNBC get from Obama’s stimulus money, I believe it’s in the billions.

Believe it or not, gentle readers, David Shuster is a news anchor, not a commentator a la Sean Hannity or Keith Olberman.  He is a “journalist.”  It’s really hard to tell the difference when their guard is down, isn’t it?   Bias?  What bias!  Not even trying to pretend anymore.

UPDATE: Andrew Breitbart:  Shuster flat-out lied to book me as a guest, said “No horse in this race.”

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