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January 29, 2010

Survey Says Libs not nearly as smart as they think they are

Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.

~Ronald Reagan


When it comes to the goings-on in the news, some folks are more knowledgeable than others, with Republicans and older Americans scoring better on a current-events quiz.

In fact, out of the 12 multiple-choice questions asked in a Pew Research Center phone survey of more than 1,000 adults, Republicans answered an average of about 6 questions correctly compared with 5 for Democrats. (The survey was conducted between Jan. 14 and Jan. 17, and included cell phones and landlines.)

These political-party differences are partly a reflection of the demographics, with Republicans tending to be older, well-educated and male – all factors associated with political and economic knowledge. Even after accounting for these factors, however, Pew scientists found a gap.

But Dems can’t take all the blame for national ignorance. Just 2 percent of the public answered all questions correctly, while 6 percent failed to answer a single question right. On average, Americans got just 5 out of 12 correct.

Even so, many people still talk the talk. For instance, even though respondents consistently expressed strong interest in the health care debate, just 32 percent knew the Senate passed its version of the legislation without a single Republican vote. And, in what proved to be the most difficult question on the quiz, just 26 percent knew that it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster in the Senate and force a vote on a bill.

(The survey was conducted before Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won a special election to the Senate on Jan. 19; Brown’s election means Senate Democrats can no longer count on a 60-vote majority once he takes office.)

One of the largest gaps between political parties showed up in a question of who leads the U.S. Senate. About half of Republicans could identify Nevada Senator Harry Reid as the current majority leader, while only a third of Democrats could do the same, even though Reid is their own party’s Senate leader.

Republicans trounced Democrats on a question about the percent of U.S. imports of oil that we consume. Nearly 70 percent of Republicans knew the answer to be two-thirds, while just over half of Democrats got that one correct.

Nearly 60 percent of Democrats knew that more than one woman serves on the U.S. Supreme Court, compared with 50 percent of Republicans. While the Democratic Party is made up of more women than men, gender didn’t seem to account for the party gap, Pew researchers say.

And as in the past, older Americans generally did better than young people. Respondents age 50 and older answered about 6 questions correctly on average, compared with just under 4 for those under 50.


The Left hasn’t yet made up it’s mind about you reichwingers.  On a good day, you are no better than ignorant, know-nothing rubes.  If on the other hand they happen to wake up ill-tempered and grumpy, you are all evil and devious geniuses capable of concocting all sorts of unlikely conspiracies to conquer the globe.  Or maybe it just depends which strawman they happen to be arguing with at the moment.  Who knows.  But I guess this survey finally settles it– you’re not stupid, just evil.



  1. Of course Republicans are more knowledgeable than democrats. Just how many Republicans do you find in America’s ghettos? How many in the labor unions that aren’t well educated? They have dedicated themselves to not progressing. Instead they choose what they call job security and a FAIR wage. Whatever that is. Educated democrats are usually found as government employees or in academia. Two places where the mind doesn’t evolve. In these to places the stage is already set and you had better not challenge it.

    Comment by greyrooster — January 29, 2010 @ 18:19

  2. […] a sneak peek inside the mind of the secular progressives and the cultural elitists?  Fresh off a Pew poll reporting that Republicans are more informed than Democrats comes this reverse fisking by the cultural elite as they attempt to poke around inside your thick, […]

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