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February 4, 2010

Crotchbomber is Talking Again

When the Christmas day underwear bomber was apprehended, he was questioned for less than an hour by an FBI agent, mirandized, then lawyered up.  He subsequently clammed up faster than you can say “constitutional rights for terrorists.”  Not only has Obama been giving terrorists the benefit of civilian trials, he’s doing it in one of our most vulnerable cities to terrorist attack– New York City; and now a terrorist he’d just given the right to remain silent was kindly obliging him.  Another fiasco for the Obama administration was in the making, and they knew it.  And then Barack Obama dodged a bullet: crotchbomber started talking again.

WASHINGTON — The Nigerian man accused of trying to use a bomb hidden in his underwear to bring down a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day has been cooperating with investigators since last week, discussing his contacts in Yemen and providing intelligence in multiple terrorism investigations, officials said Tuesday.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s cooperation could prove to be a national security victory and a political vindication for President Barack Obama, who has been under fire from lawmakers who contend the administration botched the case by giving Abdulmutallab the right to remain silent, rather than interrogating him as a military prisoner.

In the days following the failed bombing, a pair of FBI agents flew to Nigeria and persuaded Abdulmutallab’s family to help them. When the agents returned to the U.S., Abdulmutallab’s family came, too, according to a senior administration official briefed on the case. The family persuaded Abdulmutallab to work with the FBI, believing he would be treated fairly in U.S. courts, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

Despite the cooperation, it was unclear whether Abdulmutallab had reached a plea deal with prosecutors. It’s not uncommon, particularly in cases in which the government has strong evidence, for suspects to cooperate without a formal deal in hopes of getting favorable treatment later.

Some suspects in the criminal system refuse to talk once they have a lawyer. Others, like Abdulmutallab, can be persuaded to keep talking.

Republicans did not concede the point and in a sign that Democratic national security policies will likely be an issue in this fall’s midterm elections, Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., said the administration “gave terrorists a six-week head start to cover their tracks.”

“We will never know what lifesaving information on coconspirators and future plots we missed out on,” Bond said in a statement.

You got lucky, Barry. No, I mean really lucky.  Like that scene in Godfather II where Michael flies Don Ciccio in from Sicily.  Is that what you’re going to do every time a jihadi clams up on you?  Call the folks?  So at least our terrorist is talking now and we can all pretend the info he’s giving us isn’t already obsolete by several weeks; as if his co-conspirators didn’t begin to scatter like roaches the instant he was captured alive.  But at least he’s “talking”, and we can thank his mom for that.  Yey mom!  And that’s all you really needed–for him to start talking again to save your posturing ass from disaster.  And now America can pat itself on the back for appearing so “civilized,” even though Attorney General Eric Holder has already guaranteed a guilty verdict, which essentially renders Abdullmutallab’s day in court a SHOW TRIAL, and the entire pupose of this moral posturing entirely moot; because since when is a verdict rendered before the defendant has even seen a courtroom?  So good luck with the show trial, and all that amazing intel which according to intelligence experts begins to go stale the minute a jihadi is captured, and especially with the whole “we’re going to tell your mom!” approach to the war on terror.  Here’s hoping the next jihadi that falls into your hands has a mom, and that she’s willing to pull a Don Ciccio.  Because if she isn’t, you’re screwed.

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