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February 8, 2010

Memo to Arianna: Get Over It

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When they have to rely on the gotcha game, you know they’ve got nothing.  That’s what they do with Fox News.  They take a word here, a word there, and build a thesis out of it.  Sometimes they try to nail you for something you didn’t say, but “should have said” if you weren’t such an oh, I don’t know, “racist”?  Sexist?  Whatever, you fill in the blanks there.  But don’t mind the haters, gentle readers.  All they’ve got on Fox News is a big fat nothing.


Yesterday’s joint appearance with Arianna Huffington on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” hosted by the estimable Howard Kurtz, gave me a chance to tell Arianna in person what most people think about her crusade against the Fox News Channel: It is silly.  Her focus on a word here and a phrase there is silly.  The warning that Glenn Beck or others are “inciting” the public and that this is dangerous is silly.

Rarely if ever will you find a Fox anchor using the term “tea bagger” because to do so is to insult the millions of activists involved in the past year of town halls, demonstrations and debates, but also those who know them and beyond that those who are interested in what they have to say.

And you will find Fox covering the president’s stumbles and the stories about the administration’s rising tide of failure. The MSM has an enormous double standard — imagine if Palin had mispronounced the word corpsman twice in her address Saturday night or her interview with Chris Wallace on Sunday morning — and that double standard first astonishes and then offends.

The refusal to cover comprehensively the president’s year of serial pratfalls and his risible reflex to blame Bush confirmed for a vast segment of the American audience that the MSM remains just as in the tank for President Obama as it was for candidate Obama.

When the networks cease to be infomercials for the president, they might win over some of Fox’s broad and growing audience.  There is no reason why MSMBC and CNN have to lag so far behind Fox. The audience is up for grabs every single night in America. There is no “brand loyalty” in the world of cable news.

Grow up, Ariana.  ONE station doesn’t toe your party line.  Get over it.  The rest, here.


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