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February 15, 2010

Ayn Rand Tells Us How She REALLY Feels, lol

Back in the day before the Libs invented PC speech codes we had stuff like this:

Arabs = totally primitive savages

Don’t hold back, Ayn!  LOL.

Thanks: Vlad Tepes


  1. Never read any Rand. respected her intellect all along. Not a fan: until now! That is exactly my point, or I guess, since she is earlier, HER point which I also share, among the many I would say we have a new litmus of reason. Support terror? Sorry, you’re not civilized.
    I have a philosophy degree, and I suspect there is a good argument in favor of a dual standard of treatment. Do we read the Syncerus caffer his rights before we order him to cease and desist? Do we warn Ursus maritimus to stay 100m away from us according to the court order when we discover he is tracking us?

    Comment by Thorvald — February 14, 2010 @ 21:27

  2. Ayn Rand has little affinity for the Republicans, more with the libertarian 19th century Democrats who followed Jefferson and Madison. (See The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and The modern Democrats follow Robespierre and Marx, while Republicans hang with Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln and TR, all interventionists. She identifies with the result and not the cause, when we consider the Pilgrims, their Geneva Bibles and the foundation of American law.

    Comment by clay barham — February 15, 2010 @ 11:00

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