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February 19, 2010

Secular Progressive Appalled People are still Marrying

To this SecProg, marriage is akin to a racist country club.

In a CNN video posted at Story Balloon, left-wing comedian Sarah Silverman expressed her disgust at the nation’s rejection of same-sex marriage as she declared that she is “starting to get appalled by anybody who would get married in this day and age.” She went on to compare getting married to joining a racially exclusive country club in the 1960s. Silverman: “I mean, it’s like, if you say, if you joined a club, a country club, you know, in the 60s that, where no blacks or Jews were allowed. Why would you want to join that country club? … I find marriage has a very ugly mark on it right now, and I would not want to be a part of it.”

And, as she made a distinction between her Jewish ethnic heritage and her religious beliefs, she described herself as agnostic, and related that she is only religious when “I’m very, very sick, and, like, on the bathroom floor.” Silverman: “I’m not religious. I mean, the only times I’m religious are when I’m very, very sick, and, like, on the bathroom floor, like in sweat, I will definitely find God, or in incredible amounts of turbulence.”

Read the rest, here.

To the Secular Progressive, “gay marriage” isn’t about marriage, it’s about gay rights.  Marriage is just the vehicle.  If gay “equality” could be achieved by destroying the institution of marriage–something Silverman is essentially promoting here–that would be a small price to pay.

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