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February 26, 2010

Peaceful Loving Flower Children of the Left “Voice” Their “Concerns”

Spreading the love, the violent Left at it again:

Overnight, an impromptu riot at the University of California-Berkeley snowballed to include 300 students and resulted in flaming dumpsters, broken windows and dancing in the streets.

The Daily Californian kept a timeline of the riot, which began as a small occupation of Durant Hall, a campus building, in acknowledgment of Campus Action Day March 4, in which students plan to hold large-scale protests of mounting tuition increases. But by 2 a.m., the scene began to turn.

At 1:55 a.m., a dumpster appeared to be on fire in the middle of Telegraph Ave. An individual pushed the dumpster on its side as people appear to be dancing around and on top of it.At about 2:05 a.m., a fight appeared to have broken out in the middle of Telegraph Ave. and Durant Ave. Berkeley police responded to the scene, pushing people away south on Telegraph Ave.

Police appeared to be using batons to disperse people.

Protesters appeared to be throwing what appeared to be trash and buckets at police officers.

More, here.

Now try to imagine this riot didn’t involve peaceful loving Leftwing activistas but instead those “angry” “seething” “racist” Tea Party tax protesters instead.  White supremacist theocracy!  Brownshirts!  Hitler!  Racists!  That’s the firestorm the MSM would be raising about it right now across your tv screens.  It would be the headline story for the next 3 weeks.   Isn’t that what they tried to do with the town halls and Tea Parties?  That’s their template.  But here?  Peaceful loving flower children voice their concerns as they peacefully and lovingly speak truth to power.  Let’s give them what they want.  That too is the MSM’s template.  As it is, this story won’t even make the ticker newsfeed at the bottom of your screen.  That’s because Leftwing violence is so normative it hardly registers on the collective outrage meter.  The Left has always been angry and violent.  Democracy just isn’t good enough for them.  They actually FOSTER this kind of violence and anger.  Because without it, there wouldn’t be a Left.  Their movement would dissipate, and their prols would drift off into a mainstream slumber.  “Oh,” they say, “but we have reason to be angry!”  Get in line, pal.  Who doesn’t.  This subtext of violence for a righteous cause is actually one of the draws to these young punks “speaking truth to power.”  Call it the hippie macho response for all those years of getting kicked around by high school jocks.  I don’t for one second equate these spoiled punks with the marches of the Civil Rights era, or the downtrodden indigenous populations of Central America who had every reason to march and vent.  These thugs then grow up, put on a suit and tie, and get jobs in the sympathetic MSM.  Their violence remains normative, and you, gentle readers, are trashed as latent Brownshirts and skinheads by the very people in those riots.


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