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March 5, 2010

Burqa-wearing woman Sues University

Peekaboo!  7th century anachronism demands her right to remain chattel.  University says no.

Quebec’s Human Rights Commission is studying a complaint from a permanent resident expelled from a French college class last year after she refused to remove her niqab veil. The Egyptian woman was enrolled in a language class for new immigrants at the CÉGEP St-Laurent in northwest Montreal when she was asked to remove the religious clothing.

She claims school officials violated her freedom of religion by requesting she not wear her modest dress, which covers the entire face and body and leaves only the eyes exposed. The school says it tried to accommodate her on several occasions. Officials say she was not wearing her niqab veil when she applied for the program, nor when she met with school representatives for the first time prior to the 10-month course.

A spokesman for the province’s immigration minister says the woman could have stayed in the French class had she agreed to remove her niqab for certain exercises.  The woman was registered for the course from February to November 2009.

Read the rest, here. And don’t neglect the comments section on this one.  As you might expect, they are absolutely precious.

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  1. The comment from the CBC site asking rhetorically how long before polygamy is demanded as a right struck me as prescient given the following:
    Muslims in the U.K. are mutilating their daughters’ genitals just as they do at home. If they are illegals in the U.K., they are clubbing together to fly-in a mutilator to do the deed and avoid the hazard of the frontier. The National Health has specialist practitioners to deal with the health effects of the barbarities: have they all been vetted? Will some now fly to Canada?

    Comment by Thorvald — March 5, 2010 @ 07:30

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