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March 8, 2010

Dutch MP Warns Brits of the Encroaching Caliphate

Geert Wilders makes his case for Western civilization before the British people.  First he addresses the House of Lords:

Today I stand before you, in this extraordinary place. Indeed, this is a sacred place. This is, as Malcolm always says, the mother of all Parliaments, I am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to speak before you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have a problem and my party does not have a problem with Muslims as such. There are many moderate Muslims. The majority of Muslims are law-abiding citizens and want to live a peaceful life as you and I do. I know that. That is why I always make a clear distinction between the people, the Muslims, and the ideology, between Islam and Muslims. There are many moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

Islam strives for world domination. The Quran commands Muslims to exercise jihad. The Quran commands Muslims to establish shariah law. The Quran commands Muslims to impose Islam on the entire world.  As former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said: “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. We will conquer Rome”. End of quote.

Libyan dictator Gaddafi said: “There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent today  and their number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted into Islam. Europe will one day soon be a Muslim continent”. End of quote. Indeed, for once in his life, Gaddafi was telling the truth. Because, remember: mass immigration and demographics is destiny!

Islam is merely not a religion, it is mainly a totalitarian ideology. Islam wants to dominate all aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave. Shariah law is a law that controls every detail of life in a Islamic society. From civic- and family law to criminal law. It determines how one should eat, dress and even use the toilet. Oppression of women is good, drinking alcohol is bad.

I believe that Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to Western values. The equality of men and women, the equality of homosexuals and heterosexuals, the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, they are all under pressure because of islamization. Ladies and gentlemen: Islam and freedom, Islam and democracy are not compatible. Its values are opposite.

The galvanizing rest, here. And then directly to the British people on the BBC:

“If muslims adhere to our laws and constitution, they are equal to everybody esle.”

“We have always shown tolerance to the tolerant.  Unfortunately we have also been tolerant to the intolerant.  We should learn to be intolerant of ideologies that are intolerant towards us.”



  1. They just don’t know what to do with him … I look forward to him coming to these shores.

    God protect him.

    Comment by paleocon — March 8, 2010 @ 11:08

  2. >>>God protect him.

    Indeed. He lives the life of a hunted man, never in the same bed two nights in a row. I’ll put some info up on that soon.

    Comment by Jesusland — March 8, 2010 @ 11:22

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