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March 10, 2010

Airline Passenger describes Jihadist “dry Run”

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This is a compelling read and I don’t recall this making Katie Couric or MSNBC, but it did make Fox News.

Security incident aboard AirTran Flight 297 suggests terror “Dry Run”

“If this wasn’t a dry run, I don’t know what one is,” said Petruna. “The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it. I’m telling this to you because I want you to know….The threat is real. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Here is what happened.

“I was in 1st class coming home,” Patruna said. “Eleven Muslim men got on the plane in full attire. Two sat in 1st class and the rest peppered themselves throughout the plane all the way to the back. As the plane taxied to the runway the stewardesses gave the safety spiel we are all so familiar with. At that time, one of the men got on his cell and called one of his companions in the back and proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very aggressively. This took the 1st stewardess out of the picture for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at the time. He ignored her as if she was not there.  The 2nd man who answered the phone did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. In the back of the plane at this time, two younger Muslims, one in the back, isle, and one in front of him, window, began to show footage of a porno they had taped the night before, and were very loud about it.”

The entire incident as described by passengers, here.

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