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March 11, 2010

Swedish Newspapers Publish Prophet Mohammad Drawing

Swedish cartoon: Mohammed dog.

Sweden strikes a blow for freedom of speech against the encroaching Caliphate.

Stockholm (AP)At least three Swedish newspapers on Wednesday published a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a dog after an alleged plot to murder the artist who created it was uncovered in Ireland.

The controversial drawing by Swedish artist Lars Vilks was printed in Stockholm papers Dagens Nyheter and Expressen and the Malmo daily Sydsvenska Dagbladet. Irish authorities had said Tuesday they detained four men and three women suspected of involvement in an alleged plot to kill Vilks.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet said it printed the drawing as part of its news coverage of the alleged plot. Expressen said it printed it for its news value and to take a stance for the freedom of speech. Dagens Nyheter said in an editorial that “Vilks doesn’t stand alone in this conflict. A threat against him is, in the long term, also a threat against all Swedes.”

Vilks has faced several death threats since the drawing was first printed by a Swedish newspaper in 2007, a year after separate cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper sparked furious protests in Muslim nations. Al-Qaida put a $100,000 bounty on his head.

The rest, here.

Every movement and every revolution has a vanguard party at the forefront of mass action who then imposes their new order on the compliant masses over which they have assumed control.  Not every Russian was a Bolshevik, for example, but they fell into place behind the communist vanguard who took control.  That’s been true of every revolution, and it will be true of the Caliphate– not because all muslims are radicals, but because their vanguard is.  With the inevitability of our changing demographics, radical Islam is the vanguard of a cultural revolution in the West whose radical agenda will be imposed on the compliant masses, whether they be “moderate” or not.  As in all revolutions, the moderates aren’t the deciders, the radicals are.  The anti-freedom, anti-West Islamic agenda has shown its true colors, now it’s up to us to allow ourselves to believe what we see with our own two eyes.  Say no to groupthink, say no to mass Islamic immigration.

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  1. […] Apparently Sweden isn’t Leftwing enough to stave off Islamic “blowback.”  Did you think you would be spared, Libs?  Do you actually believe your Liberalism and “openess” immunizes you from this?  This was supposed to end once the neocons of the Bush administration were expelled from office and Obama began to heal the planet.  And Sweden’s crime is what exactly?  Apparently they have 500 troops in Afghanistan as members of NATO (none engaged in combat), and their official “silence” regarding the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed cartoons. […]

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