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March 12, 2010

European artists are building panic rooms

While the SecProgs are running around with their hair on fire about the “American Taliban” because they shop at Wal-Mart and vote Republican, and while they go around prosecuting anybody who dares to “blaspheme” Islam, European artists are building panic rooms in which to hide from Islam.

Why did Lars Vilks, a mild-mannered Swede who calls himself “the artist,” booby-trap his art with electrified barbed wire, keep an ax by his bedside, and build a panic room upstairs?  For one, Mr. Vilks’s 2007 cartoon of the prophet Mohammed as a stray dog continues to bring death threats and even a bounty on his head from an Al Qaeda-related group in Iraq.

But after US authorities on Tuesday arrested Colleen LaRose, a Philadelphia woman known on the Internet as Jihad Jane, for allegedly planning to travel to rural Sweden and assassinate Vilks, civil libertarians such as George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley are pointing to another potential incentive for European artists to protect themselves: growing deference shown to Islam by European governments and journalists worried about stoking fanatical flames.

While the US Constitution does not allow blasphemy laws, the Obama administration changed policy direction last year when it supported the move by Muslim nations in the United Nations’ Human Rights Council to recognize exceptions to free speech when it comes to “negative racial and religious stereotyping.”

“Government prosecutions have quietly worked to chill any speech in the area of religion,” says Mr. Turley. “And I think that’s linked to journalists and artists who are living in fear of being physically attacked or killed. [Would-be terrorists] see Western governments willing to put people in jail for insulting Islam, and that tends to validate their views.”

Vilks himself played down the threat by likening the alleged planned attack to a B-grade Hollywood movie plot. “It’s about the bad guys and a good guy, and they try to kill him,” Vilks told the Associated Press Wednesday. “They have this woman also, which I think is a good part of the plot with this fantastic name, ‘Jihad Jane,’ who is actually doing some scouting there in the surroundings. You have something of a film there, but … I believe they’re a bit low tech.”

His safe room is patterned on a concept that apparently saved Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who used a similar room to escape an assassination attempt in his home in January. Concern has spread among artists and journalists critical of Islam since the 2004 assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, a descendant of artist Vincent van Gogh.

The rest, here.

Does anything the Secular Progressives touch–all in the name of a “greater good” and with the best of intentions–not turn into a steaming, heaping pile of human feces?  Anything at all?

I don’t recall any concern from these people about “religious stereotyping” when it’s the CHRISTIAN faith that is being stereotyped and blasphemed, do you gentle readers?  On the contrary, as I recall the SecProg’s main concern–when it comes to art and speech that defames Christianity–IS PROTECTING FREE SPEECH.  Nor do I recall artists having to build panic rooms for fear of Christian hit squads, do you gentle readers?  But how the SecProgs have changed their tune when it’s ISLAM with a knife at our throat!  And here’s the cherry on top of this steaming pile– who have these artists vilified the most up till now through their anti-Christian art?  Why, those today most concerned about their rights and protection!  And who do these terrified artists vote for on election day?  Why, the very Secular Progressives who have enabled their terror and who target them under blasphemy laws!  lol.  I laugh because my only other choice is to cry.

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