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March 16, 2010

Being Tom Hanks

Ok, I’ve seen enough.  Tom Hanks is producing the HBO miniseries The Pacific about America’s war against the Empire of Japan.  Hanks, who it now turns out is your typical Hollywood dingbat, says it was a “racist” and “ignorant” war.  This is WW2 he’s talking about, you know, the one where Pearl Harbor was bombed, the war we’ve all agreed as a nation for the last 60-70 years was “the good war”?   He made these comments last week as part of his publicity tour promoting the series:

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on March 5, Hanks said that “The Pacific” depicts a war of “racism and terror” and asked the interviewer if that sounded “familiar to what we might be going through today.”


So tacky, I thought.  Using WW2 as a vehicle to denigrate the current war on terror.  But it goes beyond just the usual Leftwing sucker punches we’ve all come to expect from these Hollytards because not only is he using his publicity tour as a way to gratuitously impose his politics on us, he’s doing it at the expense of those G.I.s who fought and died to defeat Imperial Japan.  Now that’s fucking tacky.

At first I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, as the saying goes, until Tom Hanks was given an opportunity to clarify his comments.  After all, he’s also the guy behind the superb HBO series, Band of Brothers, which is an amazing tribute to our G.I.s in the European theater.  Surely, I thought, there’s some context we’re overlooking, some information that could provide even a shred of sanity to his pop psychology drivel.  Give him a chance to clear the air.  So CCHQ held its fire.

Then CNSNews caught up with Tom Hanks asking him to clarify, and what does he do?  He doubles down on the idiocy:

In an exclusive interview with, Hanks further explained–but stood by his statement–that the Pacific theater of World War II was a war of “racism and terror,” saying that he thinks America has made progress since then away from what he called “ignorance” and “racism.” (See video above and transcript below.)

When asked about his statements on MSNBC that the World War II in the Pacific was a war of “racism and terror” which he compared to what is going on today, Hanks said: “Well, I said it’s familiar with what’s going on today. You can walk into the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, in the Pacific wing, and Stephen Ambrose himself has made that very point. It’s up in black and white, that after Pearl Harbor, these people that were very, very different from each other, the Americans and the Japanese, who had different heritages, who had different theologies and different ways of government, had a different sense of society went at it tooth and nail.

“It would be naïve,” said Hanks, “to assume that racism was not part of the quotient of World War II and it’s historical fact by way of just simply suicide bombers from the air and as well as the terror that was visited upon civilian populations throughout the Pacific that terrorism was not part of the equation as well.”


Well, if promoting his series is what Hanks was going for, he’s succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  The war in the Pacific, according to Tom Hanks, was not a defensive war, a war of competing national interests, or even a war of imperial ambition.  No, it was a “racist” war.  And to prove this he cites the fact that we (the U.S. and Japan) were “different” and G.I.s used racist terms like “Jap” and others, I’m sure.  Perhaps they even used these racial epithets as they hosed their cave-dwelling enemy down with napalm.  Presumably, according to Hanks, the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan’s alliance with Nazi Germany, and all those geopolitical reasons we learned about in college were just an excuse for our “real” motives– RACISM.   We must therefore conclude that if the Japs had been caucasians instead of Asiatic, we’d have settled our differences peacefully the way we did with caucasian Germany.  Oh wait.

Could Tom Hanks possibly be this stupid?  Well, of course.  He’s a Hollywood Liberal after all.  Actors are notoriously undereducated people.  Most are college dropouts, or never attended at all.  You and I, gentle readers, take for granted a basic knowledge of history from our high school and college careers that people like Tom Hanks don’t necessarily have.  We learned about Japan’s imperial ambitions and how they conflicted with our own interests in the pacific.  The Pacific Ocean simply wasn’t big enough for the both of us.  Japan conquered China, which led to our threats to impose an oil embargo on them, and eventually to their attack on Pearl Harbor.  Mind you, I don’t believe he’s a moron just because he dropped out of college.  The most brilliant person I’ve ever met in my life doesn’t have a college education.  He’s a self-made man and a modern day Davinci if there ever was one.  But a formal education does give you a certain background knowledge that in most cases an incurious person would not otherwise acquire, and that’s true about the causes of WW2 and the war in the Pacific.  Tom Hanks, therefore is just too ignorant to know just how ignorant he really is.

He can take a personal memoir that somebody else gave him, hire a couple of guys to write the script, lend his name and financial backing to the project and then bring it to the big screen–yet have little or no background knowledge about the larger war he is depicting.  Fame, as well as creative genius, has given Hanks a pulpit from which to spout off, but that doesn’t mean he knows SHAT about WW2 because, well, he’s an ACTOR, not a scholar.

But more importantly, he’s a modern Liberal, which means he’s reduced his thinking to a set of “isms.”  In this case “racism.”  George Orwell called this one decades ago when, in his novel 1984, Big Brother tightened it’s control on the population by systematically dumbing them down.  Every year it subtracted words from the government-sanctioned vocabulary, and by narrowing down their choice of words, it reduced the people’s intellect and ability to reason.  Thus, every year they would literally become more stupid.  Modern Liberals remind me of this.  Far from being the “critical thinkers” they boastfully claim, they are victims of just such an Orwellian dumbing down.  But in their case it’s not vocabulary we’re talking about, but a Leftism-sanctioned range of thinking.  They have taken a world of depth and possibilities on any given subject, and narrowed it down to a mere handful of choices– racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia.  That’s it.  These are their permitted choices.  Safe, neat and pre-packaged for easy digestion.  And they accept it without question because dumbing down a people isn’t hard.  On the contrary, people are comfortable with it.  Thinking this way is easy; and a lazy, slothful humanity will always gravitate towards anything easy.

So now everything that happened in the Pacific theater, all the history and geopolitics, can be reduced to one of the Leftism-sanctioned choices– “racism.”  You want to know what’s gotten into Tom Hanks?  This is it.   He’s a dumbed-down victim of Leftwing orwellianism.

UPDATE: Tom Hanks is a mainstream Liberal.  He isn’t an off-the-rails Leftist.  It’s hard to tell the difference these days, I know.  But to be fair, I’m not implying all, or even most, Liberals agree with Tom Hanks.  Many are personally offended by his ludicrous comments.


  1. It WAS a war of “racism and terror”. The Japanese were racist and terrorized the Pacific based on their idea of Japanese racial superiority.

    Great book on the subject: “Prisoners of the Japanese: POWS of World War II in the Pacific” by Gavin Daws.

    Comment by dm60462 — March 16, 2010 @ 10:19

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