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March 19, 2010

Brit Hume: The two most controversial words in America today – Jesus Christ

Out of the closet: Brit Hume

‘Jesus Christ’ the ‘Most Controversial Two Words You Can Utter in the Public Square’ Today

( Hume said he was “not surprised” by the media backlash over his remarks to Tiger Woods on “Fox News Sunday” this week. There is a “double-standard” when it comes to speaking publicly about Christianity versus other religions, he said.

“Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer.” Hume began. “Whether he can recover as a person I think is a very open question, and it’s a tragic situation for him.  “I think he’s lost his family; it’s not clear to me if he’ll be able to have a relationship with his children, but the Tiger Woods that emerges once the news value dies out of this scandal — the extent to which he can recover — seems to me to depend on his faith.” Hume said.

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann accused Hume of an “attempt to threaten Tiger Woods into converting to Christianity.”  MSNBC anchor David Shuster blasted Hume, saying he had no business mentioning Christianity on a political talk show.

“I do think (talking about Christianity on a political talk show) diminishes the discussion of Christianity,” Shuster said. “My Christian friends have said as much, that it diminishes the discussion of Christianity and faith when you have a conversation out-of-the-blue on a political talk show.  This wasn’t the ‘700 Club,’ this wasn’t ‘Theocracy Today.’”

Tom Shales, media critic for the Washington Post , in a Tuesday column, demanded that Hume apologize and called his Christian remarks “even only a few days into January, as one of the most ridiculous of the year.”  When asked Hume if the media uproar over his comments regarding Tiger Woods and a potential conversion to Christianity caught him by surprise, he replied, “No, I’m not surprised.” asked Hume: “Why is Jesus Christ taboo in polite conversation or in the world of politics and media?”  “I think it’s been true for a long time in many cultures.  It is certainly true in secular America today that the most controversial two words you can ever utter in a public space are ‘Jesus Christ,’” Hume said.


Catholic theologian, G.K. Chesterton, put it this way:  “There are those who hate Christianity and call their hatred an all-embracing love for all religions.”

Welcome to diversity and multiculturalism a la Secular Progressive, where everything goes except Christianity and the judeo-christian worldview.  To the SecProg, the doctrine of separation of church and state has been the means to an end, nothing more.  Their goal, however, is separation of church and society.  They want to drive you into the closet.   They use lawsuits to accomplish the former–pushing that doctrine to absurd limits never foreseen by the Founding Fathers– and public vilification and shaming to accomplish the latter.  Brit Hume was beyond the reach of their lawsuits because there was nothing about what he did they could argue was unconstitutional.  So they vilified and shamed him instead.


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