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March 20, 2010

Jewish Exodus From Malmoe, Sweden

More from the encroaching Caliphate in Europe:

You’ve often heard from Elite Media how rough muslims have it here because of “islamophobia.”  You’ve heard that since 9/11, muslims are “living under siege” in American and the West.  If this is true, then how come muslims aren’t leaving?  Where is the mass exodus back to their own lands?  Why do hate crimes against Jews outnumber those against muslims by a factor of 8/1 according to FBI statistics?  Why is the media silent about this?  In answer to your queries, because like so much of what you hear from the agenda-driven Elite Media, it’s a lie meant only to further their anti-Christian, anti-conservative narrative, and their multicultural agenda.  The only ones who will be living under siege will be us when demographic inevitability takes its course throughout the West in the next few decades.  We will become like the copts in Egypt, christians in Lebanon, and Serbs in Kosovo– besieged minorities in our own lands.


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