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March 25, 2010

Moonbat anti-war rally

We’ve been up to our eye balls for over a year now with Tea bagger this, Tea bagger that.  Regular middle class folks– like my retired missionary/Presbyterian pastor mom– ridiculed by journalists and portrayed as the lowest filth and dregs of society.  That has never been the way they’ve covered protests coming from the Left.  Never. And with their biased and purposely deceptive coverage of the Tea Party they laid bare the lie that they are for “the common man.”  The fact is they are for people like this, and against people like you and people like your mom and dad.

Below, future members of the Elite Media, the real freak show Katie Couric will never mock:

A lot more of where that came from, here. And where is the Elite Media?  Crickets!



  1. […] Counterculture Conservative has some interesting pictures from a left-wing rally. Who knew that peace, love, and tolerance required castrating Jews? […]

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  2. Gross!
    Soylent green for pets on the hoof.

    Comment by Wayang Kulit — March 26, 2010 @ 19:14

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