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March 28, 2010

The Seige of Vienna 1683

Polish Winged Hussars to the rescue at the Seige of Vienna

I love history, and this one holds a particularly warm place in my heart.  In 1683, the forces of Islam stood at the gates of Christendom, with only the city of Vienna standing between them and the soft underbelly of Europe.  For those inside the city, the situation looked hopeless.  But the West was saved when a “Holy Alliance” of Austrians, Germans, and Poles repelled the armies of Islam at the crumbling walls of that besieged city.  As if lifted straight from the pages of a Tolkien novel, it was an unlikely victory snatched from the jaws of certain defeat thanks only to the dramatic, without a minute to spare arrival of the famed Winged Hussars under King Jan Sobieski of Poland.  His 14,000 Polish cavalrymen in winged armor descended from the hills above and overran the Ottoman line.  It was the largest cavalry charge in history, and turned the tide of the battle.  You are a christian today– and not a Muslim– thanks to the “religious fanaticism” that motivates men like this to protect their way of life.

“Just one more mine, and Vienna would fall.”

“The fall of Vienna would open the door for the Ottomans to conquer all of Western Christendom.”

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Sobieski said the reason he responded to Austria’s appeal for help was “to proceed to the Holy War, and with God’s help to give back the old freedom to besieged Vienna, and thereby help wavering Christendom.”  Today, everything men of the West such as these have fought and died for since the Islamic horde broke out of the Saudi Arabian peninsula is being squandered by the open borders, mass Islamic immigration, multiculturalists of the Left.  Islam will have its prize on a silver platter without firing a single solitary shot thanks to that cultural disorder we call Secular Progressivism.


  1. this is so great …

    Let us remember that we are still feeling the shock waves of 1914 then.

    The political collapse of Western Christendom into chaos began symbolically with the assassination of the Hapsburg heir and concluded with the fall of the Berlin wall. We are the first generation on the other side of that madness and must begin the process of rebuilding what was lost. Intellectually, Spiritually and Culturally as well and politically. In the midst of a new Jihad pounding at the gates!

    There is a lot of work ahead: Detailed work. But CCHQ is a banner raised for us to rally in this maddening Melee.

    Comment by paleocon — March 28, 2010 @ 00:53

  2. Ah yes! The “Holy Alliance” of Austrians, Germans, and Poles.. the jihadists of the time, eh?

    You say you love history but you actually paraphrase history to suit your sick agenda: anti-Semitism and racism against Muslims. You state it was an unlikely victory snatched from the jaws of certain defeat.. yet you fail to mention that this was the result of a 300 year battle with the over-extended and weakened Ottoman empire!

    Your skill in manipulating the truth so that ignorant readers on your blog can make such statements as “this is so great..” – is funny! But what does none expect from Crusaders and blood-thirsty Christian Zionists? Basque in your ignorance and racism!

    By the way. Do you deny, for example that it was Muslims who saved Jews during the “holy christian” Spanish Inquisition? If you do you will be denying a fact that Jews themselves recognize and appreciate!


    Comment by attendingtheworld — March 28, 2010 @ 12:41

  3. >>>You state it was an unlikely victory snatched from the jaws of certain defeat.. yet you fail to mention that this was the result of a 300 year battle with the over-extended and weakened Ottoman empire!

    I see this humiliating defeat still rubs you jihadists wrong, even 250 years later! lol. Cheer up, terrorist. Mass Islamic immigration guarantees Europe will soon be yours.

    Comment by Jesusland — March 28, 2010 @ 12:51

  4. Very profound indeed: the pot calling the Kettle black!

    I’ll repeat: I can take a horse to water but can’t make a jackass drink!


    Comment by attendingtheworld — March 28, 2010 @ 12:57

  5. “anti-Semitism and racism against Muslims”

    Who is twisting history for a sick agenda here? Ha!

    Your ‘water’ is poison, sir …

    Comment by paleocon — March 28, 2010 @ 13:09

  6. ATW: Sounds like you have already taken a drink. Jackass!

    Muslims are assholes ruled by their feeling of inferiority. A true and just feeling that comes from being a member of a group who offers nothing to the world. A group of backward jealous semi-barbarians who produce nothing and invent nothing of consequence to the modern world. All muslims do is copy the civilized world and cry about it. The muslim community as a whole are stuck in the 1st grade. Stuck there because of the ridiculous religion they have chosen to follow. Actually, not even a religion. More like a social/political/racial pile of bullshit that offers nothing but pain and suffering. Backward pricks like you who post your garbage on a western invention using a western lanquage make me sick. Go back to your goat herding, eating grasshoppers and cooking on camel dung fires. It suits you better.

    Comment by greyrooster — March 29, 2010 @ 21:50

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