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March 29, 2010

Germans losing fear of Global Warming

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The kind of story you won’t see run in the U.S. media until Obama’s done passing his global warming energy bill.

It seems the long and chilly winter has taken its toll on climate change sensibilities despite the fact that weather has nothing to do with climate.  The latest figure is a clear drop from the 62 percent of Germans who said they were scared of such changes just in autumn 2006.

The new survey, carried out by polling company Infratest for Der Spiegel magazine, showed a quarter of those questioned thought Germany would profit from climate change rather than be badly affected by it.

Many people have little faith in the information and prognosis of climate researchers with a third questioned in the survey not giving them much credence. This is thought to be largely due to mistakes and exaggerations recently discovered in a report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, the IPCC.

Germany’s Leibniz Community, an umbrella organisation including many climate research institutes, broke ranks by calling for the resignation of IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri.  Climate research has been put, “in a difficult situation,” said Ernst Rietschel president of the Leibniz Community. He said sceptics have been given an easy target by the IPCC and said Pachauri should take on the responsibility and resign.

Last summer the glacier on Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitz in Bavaria, was covered over with plastic sheeting to try to protect it from warm rain which threatened to accelerate its melting.



  1. I just not convinced that ‘losing fear’ of global warming is the right direction.

    We can all agree that something is happening. I don’t know if we ‘re entering into a natural warming trend and leaving a ‘mini ice’ age or what, but something is happening.

    Granted ’emissions’ fear arose from the discovery of the ‘greenhouse’ effect on Venus. I think we’ve largely been projecting that model on our situation.

    Doesn’t it seem prudent though, both theologically, reasonable and practically that we make sure Republican help forge a bill … Even a doctrine geared towards sustainability, responsibility and stewardship?

    Indeed, the ‘vineyard’ has been left in our care and we’ve let industry run amok.

    Comment by paleocon — March 29, 2010 @ 09:35

  2. >>>Doesn’t it seem prudent though, both theologically, reasonable and practically that we make sure Republican help forge a bill … Even a doctrine geared towards sustainability, responsibility and stewardship?

    I’m all for stewardship and protecting the environment. But in the context of global warming, that “stewardship” always looks like TAXES. Always. Which means yet another burden placed on our economy, leading to less jobs and yet more dependency on government. Global Warming legislation is a money pit with very little returns. It doesn’t target pollution, it targets CO2, a naturally occurring substance– basically plant food. Plus, we don’t even know what’s really happenning. My next post is an IPCC scientist who predicts we’re entering a mini Ice Age. Who the frak are we supposed to believe? Let’s get the science straight before we go throwing away our children’s inheritance. And that calls for an HONEST and OPEN debate. Something the warmists have avoided at all costs. It’s their dishonesty that really grabbed me by the balls about all this.

    Comment by Jesusland — March 29, 2010 @ 10:05

  3. “It’s their dishonesty that really grabbed me by the balls about all this.”

    This is spot on but to the point of TAXES: Republican need to choose between Capitalism or De-Centralization … both are NOT an option. De-Centralization means becoming more regional with industry, food, and living. That is how to have stewardship without TAXATION. The pace hyper capitalism is on is like a thoroughbred race horse who is about to drop dead from a coronary. Our GDP is an illusion. We need to live at a livable scale.

    I guess I went off course, but the point to be made is that stewardship as TAXATION is the price to pay for the hyper economy.

    Comment by paleocon — March 29, 2010 @ 11:15

  4. I have a novel idea. How bout promoting alternative energy– not by taxing fossil fuels– but by NOT TAXING solar, electric, nuclear, hydrogen. That would great for their dreaded CO2 emmissions, great for the economy and jobs, AND it would begin the transition away from fossil fuels. This is the kind of idea you could sell to Republicans and conservatives, but not a chance in hell to Dems. You know why? Because there’s no money in it for Big Government. They want more revenue. That’s what this is about–revenue for their welfare state. You can’t pay those bills by NOT taxing a new emerging industry, so that’s why despite all the conflicting info, they will continue to push forward with fossil fuel taxes. It’s about paying the bills for bigger and bigger government, not the environment. The Left uses the term “market fundamentalism” about Republicans, implying the free market is like a religion to them. That’s fine. I believe Libs are Statist fundamentalists. Do I believe either will be the downfall of the West? Not really. But I do care about Obama’s economy-busting energy taxes.

    Comment by Jesusland — March 29, 2010 @ 12:15

  5. I guess that is the trick then. Those ’emerging’ industries (which have been around for decades … even good man Hubbert was trying to promote solar) are being kept under thumb by the oil cartels.

    Someone needs to be bold and save this Republic!

    Comment by paleocon — March 29, 2010 @ 13:53

  6. Yes, to the extent that oil is cheap, it does have its thumb on alternatives. Alternatives should be given tax incentives to make them competitive without hurting our economy. Or no tax on them at all, if I was king.

    Comment by Jesusland — March 29, 2010 @ 14:10

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