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March 29, 2010

“When we have a terrorist attack, the Left asks: ‘What did we do to provoke it?

How the Left treats Islamic terrorists vs how they treat us, gentle readers:

“Have you heard, any of them, ask the same for something they’ve imposed on us?  Have you heard the Democrats once ask, ‘Why are they mad at us?  We need to understand their rage!’  We have to understand the rage of people who killed 3,000 Americans in terrorist incidents.  We’re told, ‘We have to understand the people in this country, minorities and whoever else, unhappy with whatever.  We gotta understand their rage. We have to expect it. We have to allow for it.’  Well, how come the anger that we feel, the Democrats aren’t interested in understanding?  Why do they not ask, ‘Why are they so mad?'”


When terrorists attack America and kill 3,000 U.S. citizens, we are told their hate is all OUR fault.  The Left calls it “blowback.”  You see, we are “little Eichmans.”  We had it coming to us for supporting Israel, etc., or as in the movie Syriana, radical Islam is fueled by the assassination of fictional Arab “reformers” by fictional American foreign policymakers; as if reformers in the Arab world are threatened by George Bush, and not by radical Islam!  What a fantasy world the L-tards foist on us.  But the point is, that’s Libs bending over backwards to “understand” the enemy. (They can hardly even bring themselves to use that word– “enemy”– with regards to terrorism, so afraid are they of sounding anything like a Rightwinger, so afraid are they of giving aid and comfort to our cause.  But they will use it against you!)

But your anger, gentle readers, and your reported threats of violence over the healthcare bill are not given quite the same sympathetic reception.  The Left not only couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the source of your anger and mere threats of violence by a few hotheads, but they will magnify this anger beyond all proportion to create an image of “the Right” in a way they wouldn’t wouldn’t think of doing to radical Islam.  You’ll see no talk of “blowback” here, no Lib handwringing about “why do they hate us”!  But watch them have a cow when Sarah Palin says “reload”!  lol.  They will never ask “why does the Right hate this policy or bill?” because you are not Muslim terrorists, which means the answer to that question is of no benefit to them.

And now you know why the Left seeks to “understand” radical Islam, and jihadis who go haywire on U.S. bases, and pedophiles in exile, and murderers on death row, etc., but not their fellow law-abiding Americans on the Right.  Because it doesn’t benefit them.  Their lackeys in the Elite Media, of course, go along with the script, and will do so until the November mid-term elections.  That’s all it’s really about– using this ginned up story and campaigning with it until the mid-terms.  Which means we won’t be talking about healthcare, and that’s what this is about too!

So we’ve just taken another peak into Lefty’s mind:  their efforts to “understand” their enemies is one driven purely by politics.  It’s tactical, not ideological.  When they ask “why do they hate us”, in response to anti-Americanism for example, that’s code for “how can we use this as leverage against the Right, or how can we blame it on America.”  If, on the other hand, the anger is directed at THEM, then they simply aren’t interested.  And worse, they’ll fabricate a narrative around it that suits their agenda.  Rant over.

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