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March 31, 2010

CNN Features Anti-Catholic Bigot on Abuse Crisis

Here’s why CNN is today known as the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK.  On Anderson Cooper’s 360 on Friday, CNN featured perhaps the world’s most deranged critic of the Catholic Church to comment, at length, on the explosive issue now confronting the Church.

“I’m passionately in love with what I would call the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe it matters if you call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Fred or Daisy. It is the Holy Spirit. It does not matter. . . It seems to me that the Vatican are not- don’t actually believe in God at all. They are certainly not acting like they believe in a God that watches.”


But Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center responds:

Sinead O’Connor is a despicable, hate-filled person who has no business being portrayed as a reasonable voice to discuss the Catholic Church that she has disgraced for the past twenty years.

CNN’s decision to have her on as a credible source to bash and criticize the Pope and the Catholic Church is like having the KKK on to criticize President Obama, or Nazis on to criticize Jews. It’s disgusting, unacceptable, and disgraceful.

When CNN decides to have legitimate, non-bigoted guests on, perhaps Americans will begin to trust them again as a viable news source.


Sinead O’connor: “Fight the real enemy.”

Of all the rational and reasoned people CNN could have selected from to discuss this issue, this is who they choose?  A deranged anti-Catholic harpie.  The Liberal media (redundant, I know) is the real enemy.


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