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April 2, 2010

Agenda Over Profit: Hollywood Resurrects Toxic Rosie O.

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Queen of Nice: Rosie O'donell

300 million Americans to choose from, and they give us an angry Lesbian who used to fake a crush on Tom Cruise?  Meet the next “Oprah.”

I must have missed the groundswell of support and the public clamor for the return of Rosie O’Donnell to the daytime airwaves.  It seemed that her time in the cultural spotlight had passed following her notorious 2008 variety show failure (It was hailed by one merciful critic as “dead on arrival”) and her exile to a daily Sirius XM radio show that caters to creepy shut-ins and those unlucky listeners who can’t figure out how to tune-in to Howard Stern.  But like some sort of loudmouthed, frumpy, left-wing vampire who just won’t stay in the ground, she is threatening to rise again with a terrifying plan to replace Oprah once the Queen of Daytime TV retires in 2011.  Someone in Hollywood, please – break out the garlic.

This is no longer the same country as it was back in 1999 when Rosie was honchoing her first daytime gabfest and hassling Tom Selleck over his support for the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  It’s not even the same country as it was in May 2007, when the former “Queen of Nice’s” anti-conservative bile culminated in her slandering American fighting men and women as terrorists on The View:

She also takes particular pleasure in attacking the Catholic Church and seems to consider anyone not buying wholesale into her radical agenda against traditional marriage and adoption as a contemptible bigot.  And let’s not forget her equally insightful foray into that moronic twilight zone known as 9/11 trutherism; it completes her personal trifecta of idiocy.


More evidence here for Andrew Klavan’s point that the pop culture deciders aren’t motivated by the bottom line, but by their Sec Prog ideology.  Remember this one?  The “Queen of Nice” haranguing the soft-spoken, polite and conservative Tom Selleck:

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  1. Back in my day when bitches would talk like that they would get the back of my hand. In this case given the size of that pig I would have to cut the bacon off her back.

    Comment by Oliver Winchester — April 2, 2010 @ 15:57

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