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April 2, 2010

Dar Al-Islam: Muslim Worshippers Squat Spanish Cathedral

Muslims: Cordoba Cathedral is Dar Al-Islam

Lands conquered by Islam remain Islamic for all time.  That includes the land to which Muslims refer as Al-Andalus– SPAIN.  And it is especially true of their mosques.

Muslims arrested for trying to pray in Córdoba’s former Great Mosque

Two Muslim tourists were arrested when they tried to pray inside Córdoba’s famous former mosque, breaking a ban imposed by the Roman Catholic Church.  Half a dozen Austrian Muslims knelt to pray at the same time in the vast marble building, which was converted to a cathedral in the 13th century after Muslims were driven from Spain.

Security guards stepped in and “invited them to continue with their tour or leave the building”, according to cathedral authorities.  When two refused a scuffle broke out and police were called. Two security guards were seriously injured. Spanish media, citing police sources, said that one of the Muslims arrested had been carrying a knife.

The two men who were detained were part of a group of 118 Austrian Muslims on an organised tour for young European Muslims. All bought tourist tickets for a tour of the cathedral on Wednesday.  The six who started to pray faced charges of disturbing public order when they appeared before a judge in Córdoba.

The clash happened as the building was filled with tourists visiting the cathedral during Holy Week when thousands flock to the town for the parades of penitents in coned hats and long robes carrying huge images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

In a statement Catholic authorities condemned the incident: “They provoked in an organised fashion a deplorable episode of violence.”  After being asked to stop praying, it added, “they replied by attacking security guards, two of whom suffered serious injuries”.

However, Demetrio Fernández González, the recently appointed Bishop of Córdoba, reinforced a ban on Muslims praying in any part of the 24,000 sq m (260,000 sq ft) building, saying that canon law did not permit it.  A statement from the bishop’s office said: “The shared use of the cathedral by Catholics and Muslims would not contribute to the peaceful coexistence of the two beliefs.”

Saddam Hussein and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi both stopped off at Córdoba to prey at the former mosque, which comprises 300 yellow and red arches and 1,300 columns.


It is not a mosque. It has been a Catholic Cathedral since the year 1236. Nor was it even originally built as a mosque.  The church was first built in 600 A.D. by Visigothic Christians, who then sold it to a rich Muslim family who proceeded to convert it into a mosque.  That’s why it faces South, not towards Mecca.  Nevertheless, once Islamic always Islamic.  No matter that it’s been a Christian cathedral for over 750 years.  Thus, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN that church, and those lands, are returned to their “rightful” Islamic owners.

This is why they will NEVER make peace with Israel, and why “the occupation” means Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem.  Islam wages multi-generational wars of attrition, and Western Liberals ignorantly play along, whether it be about Israel, Cordoba, or anything else.


  1. outrageous … outrageous this goes unnoticed in the West.

    Comment by paleocon — April 2, 2010 @ 19:06

  2. There’s a pretty good reason this kind of thing goes “unnoticed”, while people allegedly shouting “nigger” at black Congressmen is headlines for one straight week.

    Comment by Jesusland — April 3, 2010 @ 09:59

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  6. Is it okay for Muslims (followers of Islam) if Christians, Jews and Hindus worship in Muslims occupied Churches , Synagogues and Hindu Temples.
    Please visit the websites mentioned below.
    (Copy entire web link address below and paste it in your browser address bar and press enter key)
    Web sites below shows you list of Churches,Synagogues & Hindu Temples conquered,occupied & destroyed by Muslims.

    Comment by — January 2, 2011 @ 10:09

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