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April 3, 2010

Col. Allen West: Define the Enemy

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“We are in denial about the enemy we are fighting.”

“The reality of your enemy must, or eventually will, become your own.”

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  1. Kryptonite to liberals!
    1. The ROE are to ensure we don’t win, same as Vietnam.
    2. The ROE, as well as the NATO caveats, are from the pussy politicians here and in Europe.
    3. We need India to become engaged.
    4. Russia has to be stopped from playing both sides.
    5. I really like that idea of buying the raw opium ourselves, but being thorough and, at the same time, targeting the places where opium is converted to morphine for transport, wherever we find them. We have to be sure that opium production doesn’t wind up funding elections in Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, or San Francisco.
    6. Asymmetric warfare is not an easy concept for American civilians to grasp. An enemy who fades in and out of combat can easily become a “civilian” victim, if his propaganda is effective. It is important to note that the NY Times, MSNBC, broadcast dinosaurs, and the DNC are all part of his propaganda machine. The enemy has to win the propaganda war, since it is his only hope of overall victory.
    7. I feel that men like Col. West, blogs like this one, and affinity groups of concerned citizens need to be more active in taking over our government from the people who, like those in power now, are convinced the world would be better off if he U.S. loses the GWOT.

    Comment by Grant — April 3, 2010 @ 09:14

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