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April 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Smear: The Tea Party is Racist

Rep. Jesse Jackson (D) filmed the entire episode, found nothing.

The Tea Party is racist.  That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it.  And as the saying goes, tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.   But that was before the Internet.

Why didn’t the Pelosi, Barney Frank, and the Black Caucus, walk the Congressional tunnel like 99% of congressmen do and avoid the mob altogether if they felt so threatened?  Isn’t that’s curious?  I have since Day One suspected the Dems were intentionally trying recreate Civil Rights era imagery.  But I think it goes further than that.  They were trying to provoke the mob in an effort to elicit the desired racial response.  After all, for over a year now the Dem/Media narrative had been that racism was at the root of the opposition to Obama’s healthcare bill.  In keeping with that narrative, every subsequent media account of the N-word story went out of their way to emphasize how it resembled Congressman Lewis’ famous march at Selma, Alabama all those years ago.  I now believe the Black Caucus (probably at Pelosi’s bidding) was participating in political stagecraft for the purpose of recreating the racially-charged images of the Civil Rights era for political gain.  All it would take is one or two individuals among several thousand Tea Party protesters to make the Dem’s case for them.  Just one moron going over the top and the Dem scheme would have succeeded.  But when these regular folks didn’t oblige them with the desired soundbites, the Dems manufactured the racism, and the Lib media happily ran with it.

Here, American Thinker walks us through the Dem Black Caucus racial smear, and argues that the entire episode may have been a setup.

And more, it also appears that the original McClatchy article may have been written BEFORE the incident even happened.  If that’s the case, the Lib media didn’t just run with the story, they COLLUDED beforehand with the Dem parties involved.  The Democrat-Media Complex at its most extreme.  Again from The American Thinker:

I checked with my source on the scene, Greg Farrell, to get a timeline on the passage of the Black Caucus members from the Cannon Building to the Capitol and back.  According to Farrell, they left the Cannon Building about 2:30 PM on March 20th and returned about 3:15 PM. He had no reason to exaggerate.

I asked because at 4:51 that same day, McClatchy reporter William Douglas posted an article on the McClatchy website with the inflammatory headline, “Tea party protesters scream ‘nigger’ at black congressman.”

In other words, Douglas, with an attributed assist from James Rosen, managed to interview representatives John Lewis, Emanuel Cleaver, and Barney Frank, compose an 800-word article, and have it edited and formatted for posting within a 90-minute window.  During that same 90 minutes, Douglas would have received and incorporated a press release from Emanuel Cleaver, making the easily disproved claim that he had “been spat upon and that Capitol Police had arrested his assailant.”

Only two possibilities present themselves, neither of them good: Douglas had started writing this enormously consequential article in advance and/or he assembled it with a reckless indifference to the facts.  A simple call to the Capitol Police would have killed the spitting story and a review of the video footage would have thrown the screaming of “nigger” by multiple “protestors” into such serious doubt that no responsible paper would have printed it.


It was staged.  I no longer have any doubt about it.  Congressmen usually take the tunnel.  Nancy Pelosi always does.  But not this time!  The Dems marched out among Tea Party protesters trying to manufacture an incident.  And note that they marched out in a particular order.  First Nancy Pelosi walked out with that shit-eating grin of hers because–knowing how much the Tea Party despises her–her job was to stoke the crowd; to prime them for those gay and black congressmen that were to follow her.  Second came Barney Frank, the designated “gay guy” charged with eliciting homophobic slurs (there’s no evidence for gay slurs either) and whip the Tea Party into a frenzy of hate and malice for the Main Event– the Dem Black Caucus.  The march of the Black Caucus was the third and final act that was supposed culminate with all that Civil Rights era imagery.  They were practically begging to be spat on.  Keep in mind, the Dem healthcare narrative so far is that opposition to Obamacare is based on redneck racism. They’ve also tried to sell healthcare reform as a “civil right.” This narrative is consistent with the stagecraft they were trying to pull off that day.  Both the narrative and the stagecraft are intended to harken back to struggles of the Civil Rights era–  Liberalism’s shining moment.  The Black Caucus’ march through the Tea Party gauntlet, therefore, was to be the March on Selma II.  But that would only work if the Tea Party played their part– they had to show up as Bull Connor II.

That’s why the Dem Black Caucus came armed with cameras.  You can see it in the picture above.  They were supposed to record the onslaught of hate and venom they themselves were hoping to provoke as they ran the gauntlet, and then broadcast it to the world.  A small problem though.  Nothing happened.  Not really.  Sure, there were lots of pissed off protesters.  But hardly the race riot their scheming was intended to provoke.  But the race mongers had a Plan B.  When they failed to elicit racism from the crowd, they simply INVENTED IT from whole cloth.  That’s why Al Sharpton claimed to see “the tape”, when there is no tape.  He was reading from a script.  And the Black Caucuse’s N-word allegations immediately went “viral” because the Lib media was eager for a story like this, and I believe at least one reporter at McClatchy was tipped off.  He basically had most of his story already written, and he just had to fill in a few minor details once the story “broke.”  Ninety minutes, that’s all it took for the story to go national.  No first drafts, no fact checking, no phone calls.  Straight to print.

Speculative?  Perhaps, but only in part.  The indisputable fact here remains that the Dems manufactured a racist event that never happened.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.  Yet they are still at this very minute insisting that it did. Racial hoaxism is part of the Left’s arsenal.  It’s what they do.  The alleged N-word march was nothing more than an attempt by the Left to stoke racial hatred for political gain– to use race as a weapon, and in the process damage race relations in an already hopelessly divided country; as if there isn’t enough that divides us.  And if anybody can prove me wrong, they get a $100,000:

Andrew Breitbart ups the N-word reward to $100,000.  Slams the Lib Media; an effort to marginalize this massive, growing juggernaut.  They staged a symbolic act, got the Black Caucus to walk through the Tea Party.  When they didn’t get the racism, they still accused you of doing it.  Lib Media ran with it, GOP apologized for an act that did not happen.


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