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April 5, 2010

Sec Progs: Islamophobia is a threat to democracy

The muslim vote is dear to the Sec Prog. Yours? Not so much.

The Sec Progs are concerned about the poor reception their multi-culti Frankenstein dystopia is getting.  From the Guardian UK:

Islamophobia is a threat to democracy

We are concerned by the rise of Islamophobia, the negative coverage of Muslims in the media, the violent street mobilisations of extreme rightwing organisations like the English Defence League, and the rising electoral support for the British National party. Following Channel 4‘s recent inflammatory documentary, Britain’s Islamic Republic, which saw concentrated attacks on the East London Mosque, the English Defence League marched through central London with placards including the demand “Close the East London Mosque now”.

The East End of London is not new to having its communities attacked by fascists and the media. The 1930s saw the Battle of Cable Street when Oswald Mosley’s blackshirts attempted to march into the Jewish community in the area. We cannot allow this terrible history to repeat itself. Further, the documentary, and articles since, have attacked the participation in politics by the Muslim community. We cannot stand by and watch this continue without remark or action.

In the runup to the general election, all parts of the population should be actively encouraged to exercise their votes. That is democracy. We welcome the work of organisations who work to this end. We call for solidarity and support for those organisations that work to encourage political participation from all sections of society, including Muslims, and condemn those who seek to undermine it.


The only threat to democracy are the multi cultis who want to criminalize your beliefs under the guise of “tolerance” and “diversity.”  They want Muslims to vote, but they want you in jail.

Was mass Islamic immigration into the UK ever put to a vote?  Was the issue of multiculturalism ever put to a vote?  Hmmm.  Interesting.  We’re not even allowed to talk about those things, let alone vote on them.  But they call you undemocratic!  That’s because the Secular Progressive is not at heart democratic for the simple reason that they know what’s best for you.  They do.  They’re smarter than you.  Like a parent who knows better than his child, their paternalism is in fact antithetical to democracy. Yes, they pay lip service to democracy, and they may even believe in it, but subconsciously it cuts against their neo-stalinist grain.  They are forever pulled in both directions.  Now add to that their deep loathing of your judeo-christian culture and values, and the last thing on their mind is real democracy.

You see, the folks at The Guardian weren’t too concerned about “democracy” when Labour was busily, yet secretly, imposing a multicultural society on the people of England without their consent.  It cuts against their paternalistic, neo-stalinist, statist grain to let the filthy, ignorant proles such as yourselves to decide on an issue that important.  That, according to The Guardian, was not a threat to democracy, no.  Only your response to their secret shenanigans is.  You are a threat to democracy for responding to the threat of Islamization– an Islamization the Sec Progs never put to a vote, and which actually does threaten democracy.  I’m not sure who I fear more, radical Islam, or the folks at The Guardian.


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