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April 6, 2010

The Cost of Supporting Israel

Kill the "Jew."

The palestinian Intifada comes to the Americas.  Michael Coren interviews Nick Bergamini, a student in Canada, who almost had his head sawed off by a deranged paleo:

Anti-Semitic Attack with Machete at Carlton University

Tonight I went out to the bars downtown. It was a great night with my roommate Mark Klibanov. Around 1:45am, as we were leaving the bar, and we heard the shout of “Zionist” in Arabic. As it stands now, we weren’t sure if the shouts were directed at myself, a known a supporer of Israel, or Mark, an actual Israeli.

Quickly, we both responded that yes we were Zionists. All of a sudden we were surrounded by 10-15 men who began to shout at us in Arabic. We tried to back out and run away. All of a sudden, I was struck in the back of the head. I’m not sure if it was a fist, a rock or a pipe but it left me dazed and bleeding.

We quickly ran back to the bar and stood beside the bouncers. The crowd of anti-Israel thugs dispersed.

About 10 minutes later, assuming that it was safe, we began to walk home. We were walking through a parking lot when a car pulled up next to us. The driver shouted “I fucking hit you, you Jew.”

We stood our ground. Quickly we had three guys around us. We were able to push them away. As the cowards that they were, they retreated. Then I heard, shouts of “Open the trunk!” One of them opened the trunk and I saw glistening in the street light the reflection of a 12-inch machete. “Fucking Jew,” he shouted. I began to run for my life as he was only 5 or 6 feet away.

I ran, and as I looked back, I saw the long shiny blade slicing through the air about 12 inches from my neck. I ran as fast I could and, thanks to my grade 9 track and field training, got away.

People who were around the scene said the blade came within inches of my neck.

Now, the debate on campuses has reached the next level. In this country, people are no longer safe if they support Israel. But you know what? I will never take back my beliefs. I support Israel 100 per cent.

But I will say this. Some of the guys who tried to kill us are Carleton students and I recognize who they are. What is this country coming to?


Ain’t multiculturalism just grand!

Updated: as per Thorvald’s comment.



  1. According to the news story in the Ottawa Citizen, Bergamini isn’t even Jewish; he is just a supporter of Israel. That means it could have been you or me, brother, under attack. The Gatineau, Quebec, police department is investigating, as that is where the attacks actually took place. Apparently, Carleton University is already highly polarized not only between Arab and Jew, but between left and right. One Canadian blogger hopes the police won’t arrest Bergamini and Klibanov for hurting the feelings of the attackers.

    Comment by Thorvald — April 6, 2010 @ 06:10

  2. Good catch, Thorvald. Can you send me a link to that article?

    Comment by Jesusland — April 6, 2010 @ 06:21

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