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April 7, 2010

Palestinians Bring their War on Israel to the West

The Left’s multicultural project is failing.  More evidence below.

Machete used in anti-Semitic attack in Gatineau, Carleton students say

OTTAWA — A well-known student supporter of Israel at Carleton University and an Israeli engineering student at the university say they are counting themselves lucky to have survived an attack with what they say was a machete near a Gatineau bar early Monday.

Nick Bergamini, 22, vice-president of the Carleton University Students’ Association, said he and roommate Mark Klibanov were leaving Le Volt bar on Promenade du Portage at 1:45 a.m. when a group of about 10 men began yelling in English and Arabic that they were Zionists and Jews.

“These people must have been Carleton students because I recognized one of them,” Bergamini said. “I said I love Israel because I support Israel’s right to exist.  “I told them not to do this because I knew who they were, but I got hit hard on the back of the head. We ran to the bar entrance because bar security was there.”

The rest, here.

The very Liberal and taxpayer-funded CBC (Canadian Broadcasting System) wants nothing to do with this story until– get this– they can get “someone from the other side.”  lol.  So thank God for Michael Coren.  Below, Michael interviews Nick Bergamini about paleos gone wild:


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