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April 9, 2010

Feminist: Ann Coulter Got What She deserved

To the modern Left, “diversity” and multiculturalism are higher values on the hierarchical ladder than freedom of speech.  There are myriad examples.  Here’s what eminent Canadian feminist, Susan Cole, says about it:

“We don’t have a First Amendment, we don’t have a religion of free speech.”

“Students sign off on all kinds of agreements as to how they’ll behave on campus, in order to respect diversity, equity, all of the values that Canadians really care about. Those are the things that drive our political culture. Not freedoms, not rugged individualism, not free speech.”

In other words freedom of speech for me, but not for you.  The lady is a columnist for a Toronto paper. Can you imagine the insipid drivel her readers must be subjected to?  The feminist claims they have “vital and vibrant dialogue” in Canada.  Right, tell that to all the people they’ve arrested and brought up on charges for “hate speech.”

Basic rule: the more entrenched the Power, the less devoted to freedom of speech it is.  That’s why as Megyn Kelly points out, hate speech laws are only enforced against conservatives.  When Leftwing loons say incendiary things everybody yawns.  Nevertheless, because our freedom of speech is enshrined in the First Amendment (unlike most democracies) America is still the freest country on Earth.  And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


  1. Susan Cole’s main point is: “the state owns the truth. Yeah, that’s fascism, but it’s OK, we’re Canadian.”
    A couple things to keep in mind about Canada:
    1. She’s officially bilingual, except in Quebec where the state mandates français seulement.
    2. North of the 52nd parallel, the majority of her population is native. Ask them about Ottawa’s fair-mindedness.
    The best thing that could have happened (and I am indulging myself big-time here) is for Coulter to have spoken on campus with an augmented security detail (say, 2 dozen determined men armed with AA12’s), or better yet, to have had her remarks fed d’apres “A Clockwork Orange” (1971) to selected “students” (like that flabby bearded putz with the keffiyeh and the piston-like pointer finger). For every ten radical students you make a drooling vegetable today, you might save 2 or 3 terror attacks tomorrow. Anybody with me on this?

    Comment by Thorvald — April 9, 2010 @ 09:45

  2. Thorvald, sounds about right!

    Comment by Jesusland — April 9, 2010 @ 10:15

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  4. we have free speech in canada it is in our constitution. however we also believe that freedom from discrimination or hateful comments trumps anyones right to say it. and as you are commenting on how unfree canada is, you must have never read our constitution because we have more rights than you do.

    Comment by C. — September 6, 2011 @ 20:19

  5. C.,

    you added nothing new. All you said was Canada has free speech, except in cases where it offends someone. I’m guessing that’s the Canadian constitution’s take on it as well.

    Comment by Jesusland — September 6, 2011 @ 20:28

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