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April 12, 2010

Tranzi Progressives against Catholics

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Sometimes Rodan at Blogmocracy says it best:

The Roman Catholic Church is under assault from the Totalitarian Progressives.  Any wrong done by the Church is magnified and promoted on the news. When it comes to Islam, no matter what is done in the name of this religion excuses are made. Islam openly promotes pedophilia and Mohamed himself was a pedophile. The Church is trying to get rid of the predators in its ranks since it goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Rather than being saluted the institution is attacked and mocked.

This article I came across was written from Israel of all places in defense of the Catholic Church. Gil Troy makes a very valid argument and I agree with it. The attacks on the Catholic Church are the same as the attacks on Israel. These are coming from the Tranzi Progressives and their goal is to destroy Israel, Christianity and anything they perceive as Western.

That Israel’s rise has unleashed new waves of hatred against Jews, with Israel as the prime target, is one of Zionism’s greatest disappointments. Our enemies’ injustice and the world’s hypocrisy can be overwhelming. Yet we cannot become addicted to our indignation. Even as the media hypes controversies, we should not take offense at every slight. For that reason, unlike, apparently, most Jews, the sermon by the “Preacher of the Pontifical Household,” Father Raniero Cantalamessa, comparing the attacks on the Catholic Church amid the sexual scandal with the “collective violence” against Jews, made me sad, not angry.

Let me be clear. Priestly sexual abuse is evil. As a professor, a parent and a human being, I am disgusted by the breach of trust, the violence, the perversion and the despicable cover-up. As someone who always keeps my doors open during office hours, and will not even clasp a distressed student’s shoulder to avoid any mixed messaging, I cannot fathom how a preacher or a teacher would abuse the trust invested in us by individuals, their families and society. I am also appalled by the old-boys’ network that enabled these crimes to occur again and again and again.

As both a McGill professor and a Jewish community activist I cannot imagine covering up for any colleague who would sin, let alone so outrageously. I believe in shunning people who behave badly, and have shunned people for much milder offenses. I feel diminished by the priests’ actions and their superiors’ inaction. As a traditionalist I also feel compromised by their crimes, watching the delight too many modern secularists take in seeing the Church supposedly exposed as corrupt.


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