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April 12, 2010

Teachers, Leave those kidz Alone.

This one’s right out of the Twilight Zone.  Teachers forced to smile, and pupils armed with camera phones to enforce it.


Teachers at a secondary school have been ordered to smile at pupils at the beginning of every lesson, and to avoid making children “bored” by setting word that is too hard or too easy.

The orders were made in a memo from a senior teacher to staff at Buile Hill Visual Arts College in Salford, as part of an initiative to give pupils more say in how the school is run.  The note, listing student “entitlements” and issues arising from “student voice discussions”, told teachers: “Please don’t be surprised if you asked to explain your actions if you are found not to be working to the agreed expectations and supporting all colleagues in the school.”

A teacher at Buile Hill told the Daily Mail the management at the school had left staff feeling “undervalued” and “undermined”.  The incident came after Government initiatives to hand more power to pupils in respect of their schooling, which have been attacked for allegedly lessening the authority of teachers.

On Monday, it was reported that 20 pupils at a secondary school in Kent were issued with iPhones, enabling them to give senior staff instant reports on teachers. In one episode, a candidate for a teaching job was told to sing Bad, the Michael Jackson song, during an interview by a student panel, and was not offered the job after refusing to do so.

Ed Balls, the schools secretary, said some schools’ behaviour was “completely wrong” and “absurd”.  He said: “The idea that you would give out iPhones to secretly spy on teachers, that would be in my view, completely wrong. Any head teacher doing that, I think needs to look hard at themselves and consider the way in which they are doing things.”


This might make perfect sense to some baby boomers raised on Leftism and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” and whose worldview abhors “authority” and rejects the biblical notion of original sin.  Children, they believe, are only corrupted when the “society” (here, teachers) sink their nasty claws into them.  They believe it takes the purity of children to redeem us.  Below, one of those camera-armed adorable little tykes shows his schoolteacher around the place:

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