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April 13, 2010

Dhimmi Fashion hits the runway, Radical Fems ambivalent

Dhimmi fashion

Radical Feminists choose multiculturalism over women’s Liberation because they don’t quite trust the “secret motives” of those, like Nicholas Zarkozy, who want to ban the burka.

I suppose if seemingly nonthreatening terms such as “assimilation” weren’t actually really violent processes through which immigrants are routinely policed, shamed and forced to engage in, I would feel this democratic spirit, but I am not convinced. As Anushay Hossain pointed out a few months ago it is wishful thinking to suggest that Sarkozy’s motivation is the freedom of women, by making a legal demand of what they can wear (ironic no?), as opposed to just another strategic step in the cultural warfare between certain Muslim and non-Muslim communities in France. Either way, both scenarios objectify and ignore what some Muslim women want for themselves.


As you can see, when it comes to taking sides, radical feminists hate all things “the Right” more than they care about women under Islam.

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