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April 15, 2010

The anti-Muslim hate crimes racket

The Left’s meme of the “violent right” is just that– a meme.  It’s an image and a mirage.   They’ve been accusing you of a Christian “krystallnacht” against this country’s Muslim population ever since 9/11 but you just haven’t obliged them.

The Myth of the Anti-Muslim Backlash

After [Major] Hasan’s terrorist attack, an Associated Press headline read, “Another attack leaves U.S. Muslims fearing backlash.” A Christian Science Monitor story was titled, “Fort Hood Shootings: US Muslims feel new heat.”

But the data show that America’s more than two million Muslims have little to fear from their fellow citizens. According to crime statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the number of hate crimes against Muslim Americans increased in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. But it declined precipitously after that, and has remained low ever since.

Of 6,832 religion-based hate crimes reported between 2002 and 2006, 4,627, or 68 percent, were committed not against Muslims but against Jews, while 744, or 11 percent, were committed against Muslims. In 2007 there were 1,477 reported offenses motivated by religious bias. Again, 68 percent were committed against Jews, and only 9 percent against Muslims. Reported hate crimes against Catholics and Protestants accounted for 8.4 percent.

And recently-released FBI statistics for 2008 show that 65.7 percent of religion-motivated hate crimes were anti-Jewish, 8.4 percent anti-Christian and 7.7 percent anti-Islamic. That means there were 1,013 cases of hate crimes motivated by anti-Semitism in 2008, the highest number of hate crimes against Jews reported since 2001. There were just 105 reported cases of anti-Islamic hate crimes.

Don’t believe the FBI’s statistics? Data compiled by Muslim lobby groups paint a similar picture. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Research Institute’s 2003-2007 Report on Hate Crimes and Discrimination Against Arab Americans found “The rate of violent hate crimes against Arab Americans continued to decline from the immediate post 9-11 surge, to a level somewhat but not dramatically increased over that seen in the five years leading up to the 2001 attacks.”

A 2008 survey by Human Rights First called Violence Against Muslims found only two assaults based on anti-Muslim sentiment in 2007 and 2008, no incidents under “violent backlash to terrorist and other attacks” and just one incident under “attacks on places of worship and cemeteries.”

Almost all of the “backlash” against Muslims following acts of Islamic domestic terrorism has consisted of acerbic blog posts, tightened restrictions at mosques and enhanced airport security.

In the more than a month since the Fort Hood massacre, the only religion-based crime I could find was committed by a young Muslim in California at a mall kiosk. He tore a crucifix from shopper’s neck and shouted anti-Christian slurs and “Allah is power.”


Your imminent explosion of violence is always the subtext of the Lib Media’s reportage about you, you flyover goons who cling so feverishly to your guns and religion out of a sense of prejudice and xenophobia.  But the numbers don’t lie.  You go out of your way to mind your own business.  In fact considering the number of attacks against Jews, I’m willing to bet it’s Muslims who have committed most of this country’s religious hate crimes, even as they claim to be “living under siege.”  And yet still no anti-Muslim backlash from you, America; even as you are continually slandered as angry, violent, and hate-filled christianists by the Lib Media who do all within their power to gloss over Islamism and the encroaching Caliphate.  YOU are their target, not radical Islam.


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  1. Yes, they have little to fear. They can fill their mosques with hate filled barbarians and scream death to America, death to Jews, death to Christians and they have little to fear.

    Isn’t that a little strange?

    Comment by greyrooster — April 15, 2010 @ 19:35

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