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April 19, 2010

Another Muslim woman ordered to unveil or leave Class

One of these is not like the other.

Another one tossed out on her ear.  Good, they won’t be allowed to normalize the unnatural.

One morning recently, a young Muslim woman whose face was hidden by a religious covering was pulled out of her government French class near Montreal and told to unveil or leave the course.

“Aisha,” a 25-year-old permanent resident from India, is the second such case to come to light in Quebec. Last month, the same ultimatum was given to Naema Ahmed, an Egyptian-born woman whose case sparked an uproar and led to landmark provincial legislation against religious face veils.

But, while Ms. Ahmed was portrayed in media accounts as difficult to accommodate, Aisha, as she has asked to be called to shield her identity, didn’t make waves.

According to former classmates and officials at the suburban centre she attended, the young woman was a model student who placed no demands on others and even teamed up with male students for class assignments.


Note the article’s emphasis on Aisha being a “good” and “model” student, as if that were the issue.  It also fails to reveal that most of the students in this language class are themselves immigrants (probably Muslim), so of course tossing her out was unfair.  To whom I respond, don’t like it?  Go back to Arabia.

Has CCHQ declared open war on cultural Islam?  Yup.  The PC shackles have fallen away.  I no longer have any moral reservations about it; not after realizing how unapologetic the Left are in their war on Christianity.  We won’t be lectured.  For years now it’s been a unilateral ceasefire, with the Left busy as bees erasing every last vestige of Christianity from the culture while Christians were marginalized as “racists” and “theocrats” if they raised so much as a peep about it.  No longer.  No more politically correct chit chat from me.  No more “turning the other cheek.”   We’re playing by their rules now.  The enemy’s reality has become our own.

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