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April 23, 2010

Denmark in Advanced Stages of Dhimmification Serves as a Warning

This one deserves your undivided attention.  The speaker below, Anders Gravers, along with several others, was the victim of a brutal attack in order to silence him from delivering this message.  They were literally chased down in the streets and beaten with crowbars to within inches of their lives.  You see, the Leftwing/Jihadi convergence doesn’t want you to hear what he has to say, and you really should listen to this.

It appears to have been the work of anarchists or far Leftists– a Jihadi/Leftwing convergence with crowbars.  Law Enforcement are fearful or impotent, and the Lib Media doesn’t care because they’re too busy right now with the “growing threat” of violence from racist Teabaggers and with imaginary anti-Muslim backlash that never seems to arrive.  But when it comes to incidents of actual violence, those they will happily ignore because it wasn’t committed by or against the right people, and therefore doesn’t further their narrative.  Below, Anders Gravers and others after the attack:

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