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April 25, 2010

The New Tolerance: Militant Secularism vs Chritianity

Is Christianity under attack?  You already know what I think, now you be the judge.  Here the BBC, to its credit, tries its mightiest to be fair about the New Tolerance, yet still manages to comes off as somewhat of a secular progressive apologia.  It only recognizes multicultural “trends”, not a concerted agenda by the culture destroyers to impose this multiculturalism from above.  In fact, this is precisely WHY they are imposing multiculturalism on the West– to eradicate judeo-christian culture and traditions.  Nevertheless, there’s good stuff in here, including numerous outrageous examples of christian persecution.  Of course, as I’ve said before, the people most opposed to your judeo-christian culture and traditions are white Leftists, not the multi-culti immigrants they purport to speak for.  To the Leftist culture destroyers, multiculturalism means LESS culture (yours), not more.  But the vast majority of immigrants who come to the West are just working slobs like you and me.  They don’t come here with an agenda.  They just want a better life.  Yet it’s the immigrants who naturally get the blame for the social engineering projects of the Left.  That’s why CCHQ’s target when it comes to culture is overwhelmingly the LEFT– always the LEFT– not immigrants.  And now, after decades of silence, Anglican church leaders, the Pope, and even Jewish rabbis are finally beginning to voice their concerns as well– “Equality legislation is part of a secular ideology, and it cannot be allowed to run roughshod over religion.”  Moreoever, equality legislation is consistently being applied on a highly selective and anti-christian basis.  Below is what you get with the multi-culti package they sold you on back in the 80s– the eradication of your own judeochristian culture:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

There is gold in each and every one of these clips, but particularly in clip 5 where they discuss how Islamism is beginning to fill the moral and religious vacuum created by the Leftist doctrine of multiculturalism.

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